Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 - A Year in Review.

Ever since we've lived in New York I've made yearly Instagram books that happily sit on our coffee table and they randomly make me so proud. Every time I flip through them it hits me all over again that we actually live in New York and makes me so glad to see all the fun we've had! It's also always a great reminder of how much money I've spent on lattes throughout the year ;) I just ordered our 2015 book and I know it'll make me happy to flip through for years to come. It's been such a good year - a hard, but good year and I thought I'd do a little review of it here.

We started the year by celebrating with friends and dancing the night away in the city. My friend Christine and I committed to a year of weekly coffee dates, Aaron and I found a new church we started attending in our neighborhood, and we celebrated 1 year of Betsy!
 photo IMG_7523_zpsygxcgkyo.jpg  photo IMG_4390_zpsbvuhdrvw.jpg
 photo IMG_7614_zpsspwihu3w.jpg

The first weekend of February we had visitors in town where I declared to them "we'd probably never move" from our 1-bedroom apartment. Then later that week, as timing would have it, I found the perfect 2-bedroom place and we jumped at the opportunity. In the midst of moving craziness, we snuck away to Newport, RI for Valentine's Day, and I also visited Chicago, Indianapolis, and Louisville for work.
 photo IMG_8700_zps4f69rfut.jpg  photo IMG_8277_zpskyyqqgwg.jpg  photo IMG_8307_zpska1zoc71.jpg  photo IMG_8412_zpsxlkoozrb.jpg

March was spent enjoying our new apartment and also a quick beach getaway with my family at our Bethany Beach house. It was a much needed quiet month after all of the travel and moving craziness during February.
 photo IMG_9005_zpst66rqfgq.jpg  photo IMG_8886_zpsxipbelot.jpg

Aaron and his brothers took a trip to Copenhagen for 5 days so I planned a girls' weekend with my mom and sister in New York. We did every possible girly thing from manicures, DryBar blow outs, tea at Bergdorf, and a Broadway show. It was so much fun! Christine and I also made it our personal mission to see ALL THE FLOWERS blooming around the city.
 photo IMG_9181_zpsnkhtnhr6.jpg  photo IMG_5258_zpsfce8eumb.jpg

The highlight of May was visiting Bucks County for a girls' weekend with Christine where we tried to find all the covered bridges, went to a wine tasting, and she introduced me to the joy of face masks. I also got to enjoy Memorial Day at the beach with my family after years of shooting weddings that weekend. Another obvious highlight was meeting Doug the Pug in Central Park!
 photo IMG_5379_zps4plqpjay.jpg  photo IMG_5415_zpst4snhihv.jpg  photo IMG_5680_zpsgjfhrbvq.jpg  photo IMG_5737_zpsfnmpwq9t.jpg  photo IMG_5863_zpsqkqnslqw.jpg

At the beginning of June, Aaron's brother graduated high school right before we headed to California for vacation. We then celebrated my 27th birthday in Santa Barbara and decided it would be the town where we retire. We also stopped in Palm Springs for a few nights at one of our favorite places - The Ace Hotel. We were back in the city to celebrate our 3 year anniversary and had an indoor picnic with our favorite champagne to toast to the occasion!
 photo IMG_6098_zpsxqowpzvh.jpg  photo IMG_6184_zpswdv1sgz9.jpg  photo IMG_6163_zpstrcyw0oy.jpg  photo IMG_6288_zpsepi1gj1p.jpg  photo IMG_6625_zpsm0g0udyn.jpg  photo IMG_6685_zpskedaas8c.jpg

July was quite busy starting with my best friend's wedding in New Hampshire, another wedding of a dear friend in Richmond, and a quick Bethany Beach getaway. I also had surgery at the end of the month which was not so pleasant, but needed to be done. The one upside was that I got to spend the week recovering from home and happened upon a field of sunflowers which was just the happiest! photo IMG_6740_zpsylxb7zno.jpg  photo IMG_0821_zpsmehbsn6c.jpg  photo IMG_7083_zpsexxdrm58.jpg  photo IMG_7226_zpsibfo38og.jpg

In August, we made it our mission to enjoy all that New York offers in the summer which included many a rooftop drink and Central Park picnics. We also went to our first Yankees Game, laughed our way through a night at the Comedy Cellar, and made a quick visit to a beach out on Long Island for the day.
 photo IMG_1105_zpsttexdrfm.jpg  photo IMG_1135_zpsplkke2ki.jpg  photo IMG_1262_zpsutgowbph.jpg

September started off with a week at home enjoying all things Montgomery County, like canoeing on the Potomac and hiking the Billy Goat Trail. I also visited the ONA factory in the Dominican Republic and was in awe seeing where our products are made. We also popped up to the Catskills for a weekend to shoot a wedding, hike around Minnewaska State Park, and go apple picking.
 photo IMG_1364_zpst2l07pse.jpg  photo IMG_1476_zpscikezy1x.jpg  photo IMG_1504_zpsudcr1lfk.jpg

Most of October was spent soaking up the glorious New York City fall. We had Aaron's brother and wife in town for a weekend, and also headed back to Maryland for their baby shower over Halloween weekend.
 photo IMG_2779_zpswbp3roi3.jpg  photo IMG_2477_zps1qjv6zop.jpg  photo IMG_2843_zpsebcpvj7z.jpg  photo IMG_2969_zpsikavrmau.jpg

November started with a work trip to Seattle and Portland where I visited some of our lovely retail customers and also made time to see some sights. The Pacific Northwest is such a magical place! We enjoyed Thanksgiving with both of our families at my parents house and it never ceases to be such a gift that we can all gather together.
 photo TZVR4720_zps912gputa.jpg  photo CGCR7003_zpsu3gzabrh.jpg  photo UVEZ4214_zps1gkhr8uo.jpg
 photo IMG_3661_zpsontlqazh.jpg

We spent the entirety of December checking off our "Christmas in the City" bucket list and enjoying way too many glasses of champagne. The highlights were getting our Christmas tree, seeing the windows at Bergdorf Goodman, tea with Christine, and cocktails at Bemelman's Bar in the Carlyle Hotel. We also welcomed a new nephew into the Wishart family (!), and spent a weekend in Ohio for a wedding. I made a point to visit Natalie in Columbus while we were there which was the absolute best.
 photo IMG_3807_zps2bpkgpks.jpg  photo IMG_3466_zpsv3izwu2x.jpg  photo IMG_3562_zpsjonusy2n.jpg  photo IMG_3594_zpsbin0gicv.jpg  photo IMG_3789_zpsq6aza2ro.jpg  photo IMG_3927_zps3mguevgk.jpg
What a year! I can't wait to see what's to come in 2016 and beyond. Thanks for following along!


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