Friday, October 31, 2014

Cologne, Germany.

I spent a week in Cologne this September, and although work travel is not as glamorous as it sounds it was a great excuse to explore a city I would have likely never visited on my own. One of the days when we had a quick break from the trade show, Tracy and I paid a visit to the Cologne Cathedral and adjacent city square. It's always so awe-inspiring to visit a place with so much history, and even more so to see a building that not only has withheld the test of time, but also war.
 photo IMG_2294_zps7b09499f.jpg  photo IMG_2310_zpsbc5c1387.jpg  photo IMG_2311_zps8ac56e7d.jpg  photo IMG_2291_zps817490ef.jpg  photo IMG_2343_zps98a5d730.jpg  photo IMG_2357_zpsf777177a.jpg  photo IMG_2367_zps0270bb9a.jpg  photo IMG_2369_zps50f465ea.jpg
 photo IMG_2287_zpseb26d10f.jpg
And last but not least, enjoy our smiling little faces :)
Is it too much to post about Central Park twice in a month? Too bad, I don't care! Feast your eyes on this beautiful city oasis:
 photo photo1-29_zps85cfef68.jpg  photo photo2-28_zps35fa61ac.jpg  photo photo3-18_zpscc754adc.jpg  photo photo1-28_zpsd7808d1b.jpg  photo photo5-4_zps672f0b07.jpg

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

San Francisco!

I certainly have a LOT of catching up to do on this little online space. Sometimes having Instagram makes me forget about my long lost love of taking pictures with my "real" camera. I've tried to take it along with me more often (I mean, I DO work for a camera bag company after all), and I'm always so glad I did. Which brings me to San Francisco! In August I got to take a quick trip out there for work where I attended a Leica store grand opening, met with some of my favorite retail partners, and caught up with an old friend from Young Life. I couldn't leave the city without quick photo spree, and I found myself incredibly charmed by this bayside city while at it.
 photo IMG_1966_zpsa3ee236a.jpg  photo IMG_1973_zpsdaa7589c.jpg  photo IMG_1977_zpsa5974a24.jpg  photo IMG_1986_zpsdda00ad7.jpg  photo IMG_1992_zpseaa5fdc7.jpg  photo IMG_1995_zps557084ea.jpg  photo IMG_2002_zps29127895.jpg  photo IMG_2007_zps708318b7.jpg

Monday, October 6, 2014

Top of the Rock!

At the beginning of September my co-worker turned great friend Christine announced that she was moving on from ONA [insert crying emoji]. In order to properly send her off, we set out to have an afternoon of skyscraper hopping! We first went to the Top of the Rock for an ONA field trip, where Christine and I ended up sitting and chatting for several hours after the rest of our team left. There's nothing quite like girl chat (and photo shoots) 70 floors up! It's amazing how quiet and serene the landscape can seem when you're so far removed from the honking cars and trash-filled streets.
 photo IMG_2121_zpse0de8a9d.jpg  photo IMG_2136_zpsb20c37f9.jpg  photo IMG_2142_zps99a91b83.jpg  photo IMG_2147_zps93ddd5a3.jpg  photo IMG_2172_zps3cee0bed.jpg  photo IMG_2193_zpsf4586f43.jpg  photo IMG_2209_zps7f951338.jpg  photo IMG_2215_zpsb012c53e.jpg
Our next destination was Goldman Sachs, where Aaron works, to catch the sunset from the 43rd floor. Because it was September 11th, we also hoped to see the Tribute in Light, which ended up not coming on until later in the evening. I did get a quick picture, although I'm sure it would be even more amazing to see from across the river.
 photo IMG_2230_zpsaae9d34b.jpg  photo IMG_2239_zpsd8264a33.jpg
Ps. Here's a post from last year when Aaron and I visited Top of the Rock. Super similar overcast skies both times. I'm hoping for a clear, blue day the next time I visit!