Friday, July 25, 2014

Our NYC Home.

I've been busy perusing the gorgeous interior design posts on Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy as of late, and it's inspired me to take new pictures of our place. We've lived in our apartment for over year, and had most of it in place on day one. I'm a big fan of getting things set up quickly (changing light fixtures, putting up pictures, etc) to make it feel as much like home as possible. Over the past year we've added several key pieces, like a new table and desk, and I've wanted to share our updates. You can see the old post here from when we first moved in.

My favorite part of our little home continues to be the natural light and tall ceilings. I still can't believe how different it is from our BASEMENT apartment in Capitol Hill. We now get all sorts of glorious light and sunshiny beauty streaming in. I'm also quite fond of our newly discovered roof top! We live on the top floor of our building and the ladder to the roof is right next to our front door. It's absolutely nothing fancy and is very much a dirty roof top, BUT you can practically see Central Park and it's a darling setting for a picnic. Which is precisely what we'll be doing tonight with a Mexican feast and these drinks!

Although there are many, many things I love about our apartment there are days where a part of me longs for a "real" house to decorate, a bigger kitchen, and maybe less stairs to walk up before getting home. But you know, the other part is quite content with this tiny piece of Manhattan we get to call home.
 photo IMG_1850_zpsf06b5f69.jpg  photo IMG_1815_zps5dc3fd52.jpg  photo IMG_1794_zps4a3fcef2.jpg  photo IMG_1805_zpsc287f5be.jpg  photo IMG_1813_zpsc961ab1a.jpg  photo IMG_1869_zps02a98510.jpg  photo IMG_1787_zps0ddc7c90.jpg  photo IMG_1780_zps574ce07b.jpg  photo IMG_1771_zpsd0222f84.jpg  photo IMG_1773_zps443f3f6c.jpg  photo IMG_1753_zpsc7ffed71.jpg  photo IMG_1761_zps7e038ecd.jpg
 photo IMG_1830_zps0c36ca00.jpg  photo IMG_1836_zps285ea79a.jpg  photo IMG_1763_zps61ae9cf9.jpg

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Gosh, this place was beautiful. I can't describe the feeling of seeing mountains this big for the first time. I may have said this a million times on our trip but I cannot believe real people get to live in places like this! I think my face may have been glued to the window the entirety of the drive, and I definitely made Aaron pull off the road for pictures every few miles. Despite the dreary weather, we were able to take a gorgeous gondola ride up Neiderhorn and hike all the way back down one of the days. We also spent some time in Bern, and ate enough Swiss chocolate for a lifetime! All in all it was wonderful, although I'm hoping our next trip back will be a bit sunnier so we can see some more of those gorgeous peaks.
 photo IMG_0886_zps1a0813ea.jpg  photo IMG_0905_zpsba459d4a.jpg  photo IMG_0908_zpsd4d0984b.jpg  photo IMG_0912_zps52fe0c67.jpg  photo IMG_0917_zps0d794656.jpg  photo IMG_0978_zps03523145.jpg  photo IMG_0992_zpsb73eae7d.jpg  photo IMG_1001_zpsb1199259.jpg  photo IMG_1009_zps32fbd6d9.jpg  photo IMG_1024_zpsf424301b.jpg  photo IMG_1066_zpse34503e1.jpg  photo IMG_1082_zps538e9aca.jpg  photo IMG_1090_zps92e317bd.jpg  photo IMG_1097_zps65344ac7.jpg  photo IMG_1099_zpscef861a7.jpg  photo IMG_1101_zpsa045964c.jpg  photo IMG_1104_zpsae560180.jpg  photo IMG_1111_zpsa96a0af1.jpg

Lake Como, Italy Part II

I finally got around to editing all of our pictures and making an Artifact Uprising book this weekend, and all of this picture viewing has made me re-inspired to post a few pictures here.

On the second day of our trip we tried to see a bit more of Lake Como before heading over the boarder to Switzerland. We spent the morning walking around the beautiful, waterfront grounds of Villa del Balbianello, which was made famous by movies like Star Wars and Casino Royal. Apparently, the villa was built for a Cardinal who wanted a 'retreat for reading'…. must be nice.
 photo IMG_0819_zpsaf281771.jpg
 photo IMG_0822_zps5f029eb2.jpg  photo IMG_0836_zpsccc809df.jpg  photo IMG_0838_zpsf322debb.jpg  photo IMG_0845_zps35dcb0a9.jpg photo IMG_0856_zpse83a4f17.jpg  photo IMG_0860_zps8ec31d1c.jpg  photo IMG_0864_zpsba49deb3.jpg  photo IMG_0878_zpsfafd3a4b.jpg