Thursday, March 5, 2015

Newport, Rhode Island.

Aaron so sweetly surprised me with a Valentine's Day getaway to Newport, RI this year - the funny thing is, I'm so bad at letting the guy surprise me that somehow I got it out of him way before he had planned to tell me. Oops :)

He booked the trip right before we decided to move and once the weekend finally came around it felt like terrible timing to leave the city - so much so that we even tried to cancel since we knew we'd want to spend money on new things for our home and not a vacation. As luck would have it, the hotel booking was non-refundable so we made the trip and are so glad for it! After a stressful few weeks thinking about our upcoming move it was just what we needed to get out of the city and just be together. I highly recommend the gorgeous Castle Hill Inn where we stayed. We had a cozy oceanfront cottage, they served afternoon tea everyday, and all of the meals we ate there were amazing. It's a quick 3 hour drive from the city and I'm already looking forward to going back sometime!
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