Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Perfect Saturday.

After 4 long weeks of finishing his job in New York while commuting back to Maryland on the weekends, Aaron finally came home for good last Thursday! We joked that it felt like being newlyweds all over again and we were basically attached at the hip all weekend (although this isn't too unusual for us). We woke up to a breezy spring day, so we set out to the farmers market in our neighborhood for a few Saturday morning treats. We picked up scones, pickles, and a fresh cup of pour over coffee before heading out to visit George Washington's property at Mt. Vernon. We had a full picnic packed for lunch and were surprised to find that admission was $20 and you couldn't bring food on the property. Instead, we found a quaint spot along the Potomac and enjoyed our picnic and a nap beside the river. Of course I documented the day, so enjoy below!  photo IMG_4496_zpsg6vfyemc.jpg  photo IMG_4525_zpsdp3nexum.jpg  photo IMG_4538_zpsftatojhd.jpg  photo IMG_4544_zpsxm6rdool.jpg  photo IMG_4545_zpsizjnhtqp.jpg  photo IMG_4547_zpslt2moyta.jpg  photo IMG_4549_zpsbgtkqmwb.jpg  photo IMG_4559_zpspciozhgs.jpg  photo IMG_4570_zpsfi5yxm3l.jpg

Friday, March 18, 2016


It's likely this will be the first of many posts to come showcasing all the glory that is spring - I can't help it, I'm obsessed! When we moved to New York three years ago, we left right before the peak of the DC blooms and were so sad to miss it every year after. We knew one of the perks of moving back would be finally enjoying the spring in this beautiful city and having opportunities to spend more time outside than we did in New York. To start off the season, we spent an early morning downtown getting pictures with the first of the blossoming trees. The official cherry blossoms haven't peaked yet but it's right around the corner and I can't wait!
 photo IMG_4127_zps7oy0dmxl.jpg  photo IMG_4121_zpsnubcnw39.jpg  photo IMG_4136_zps26l8klrh.jpg  photo IMG_4163_zpsvjbiso4n.jpg  photo IMG_4154_zpsbljutlth.jpg  photo IMG_4254_zpszrrkjweu.jpg
 photo IMG_4207_zpsrdwp0qcq.jpg

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We bought a house!

In very fun life news... we bought a house! After deciding to move back to Maryland we found an adorable home in the idyllic town of Garrett Park (read more about it HERE). We are absolutely smitten with the town so far and are having so much fun making it ours. Before moving in we got all new hardwood floors, an updated bathroom, and a fresh coat of paint throughout the house (before and after pictures to come). The decorating fun has begun and I'm loving what we have going on so far.

I actually had no idea this little town existed, even while growing up just a few miles away. It's tucked away alongside Rock Creek Park, and has kept the small town charm even though it's right outside of DC. What sold us initially were things like the historic homes, the town progressive dinners, and the fact that they don't have home mail delivery because they want neighbors to interact at the local post office in town - it's seriously like something out of a movie!

While I know I'll eventually miss parts of the busy city life, I'm already enjoying the simple pleasures of life here like outdoor space, bigger grocery stores, and walking up ONE step to get inside. (If you don't recall, we lived in a 6th floor walk-up apartment previously). Thanks to the previous owners, we have a bounty of blooms expected to come this spring and summer - rose bushes, hydrangeas, and ivy all about to burst forth. We're thrilled to be in Montgomery County and can't wait for all the adventures to come! 
 photo IMG_5640_zpsbmzaockb.jpg
The previous owners had this painting done and they were so sweet to gift us with these notecards when we closed.

The Spencer Wedding Weekend.

Is there anything better than one of your dearest friends marrying exactly the person she should? Elizabeth Joy and I have prayed for this day since college and it was such a sweet weekend witnessing the beginning of her marriage to Greg and the start of their life together. It's no surprise that everyone left feeling like this was one of the more magical weekends of life, and I think it's because the Walt family has a gift at making everything feel a bit like heaven.
 photo IMG_3977_zpsabsewt5d.jpg  photo IMG_3973_zpsk6auglgg.jpg  photo IMG_3959_zps0gtxtdta.jpg  photo IMG_3991_zpsxjmwfer3.jpg  photo IMG_3997_zps1xvflimj.jpg  photo IMG_4028_zpsll5o8fzc.jpg  photo IMG_4033_zpso8cfrsis.jpg  photo IMG_4053_zpsuqikyo56.jpg  photo IMG_4071_zpsevyn39yk.jpg