Wednesday, December 28, 2016

All of the lights.

The DC Mormon Temple is known for it's annual light display at Christmastime, and let me tell you - IT'S AMAZING. I'm pretty sure they expand the lights every year because it seemed like there were so many more this time. And don't get me started on the colors! Where does one get such an array of light options? I don't know, but I know for sure the Mormon Temple is #christmasgoals.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Best of Christmas.

I took so many different pictures during December and never got around to blogging so I figured I'd dump them all into one Christmas post! We were absolutely spoiled with such a fun holiday season, and it was even more special with Hazel in tow. We love having her as a part of our family, and even the hectic moments are absolutely worth it to have her along. It was such a joy to get to share her with family we love so much and to slow down and soak up all the precious moments of her very first Christmas.
 photo IMG_9724_zps55jcdpuf.jpg  photo IMG_9765_zpsc2hlhgb4.jpg  photo IMG_9771_zpseadlazoo.jpg  photo IMG_9787_zpswvleldxn.jpg  photo IMG_9815_zpsi0lxy9ka.jpg  photo IMG_9822_zpsdgwc9hzr.jpg  photo IMG_9881_zpst9l58apz.jpg  photo IMG_0341_zps8w7raycw.jpg  photo IMG_0377_zps4ydgebe9.jpg  photo IMG_0389_zpsqjalbr4t.jpg  photo IMG_0414_zpsys1whsgl.jpg  photo IMG_0426_zpsyf7vgndj.jpg  photo IMG_0454_zpsot7svola.jpg  photo IMG_0488_zpsf40s4ohg.jpg  photo IMG_0512_zpseigehpfj.jpg

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My little cuddle bug.

One afternoon last week we took a nap together and she was just too cute not to document. Something about a little baby in a big bed is just the best.
 photo IMG_9929_zpsobixfoks.jpg  photo IMG_9911_zpsxoc25tu5.jpg  photo IMG_9900_zpsn6t8ri87.jpg  photo IMG_9892_zpsykmeyj6w.jpg

3 months of Hazel.

Hazel will be 3 months old on Saturday! I know I'll be saying this for the rest of my life, but time continues to fly by. These past few weeks have been some of my favorite since she's been born, and we've established such a sweet routine while I've been on leave. Some of my favorite moments with her are right after she wakes up and I bring her into the big bed for some morning cuddles. It's an added bonus that we have matching pajamas (you would roll your eyes at the amount of pictures of this on my iPhone). She's such a content, happy baby and will cuddle with just about anyone. We continue to fall more and more in love with her and are SO glad she's ours to keep.

Here's a little breakdown of our little Hazel at 3 months old . . .

Development/Milestones: She laughed for the first time last week and it was music to my ears! It was a true belly laugh and it was a moment I'll remember for the rest of my life. We were taking the pictures below and she must have thought it was the funniest thing (get used to it, kid). What an honor to watch someone laugh for the first time on Earth. Gosh, this motherhood thing!

Eating: Still eating every 3-4 hours except through the night when she goes longer. Aaron tried feeding her a bottle last weekend and she was not a fan. We're going to have to work on that since I'm going back to work and she'll be heading to daycare.

Sleeping: She's still sleeping through the night and we are SO grateful. Fingers crossed this continues! We've started noticing her getting tired earlier, which is a little sad because Aaron wants to spend time with her in the evenings. We'll take the full night of sleep, though. Keep it up, girl!

Likes and Demeanor: Such a happy and calm baby! I can put her down to play / hang out by herself and she doesn't mind one bit. Her main hang up is still the car - especially at night when she's alone in the back and it's dark. Otherwise, it's just small fussiness here and there but nothing out of the ordinary. photo IMG_0014_zpske3p0iqd.jpg  photo IMG_0021_zpsu5tjunsa.jpg  photo IMG_9994_zpshewgjrpu.jpg

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Outer Banks, NC.

After our stop in Norfolk, we continued south for two nights in the Outer Banks. For many summers growing up my family rented a house for the week in the Outer Banks, and it was such a treat to get to experience it for a couple of days with Aaron and Hazel. While it wasn't lay-on-the-beach weather, we made the most of our time by stopping into some of my favorite restaurants (hello Black Pelican!) and trekking the massive sand dunes at Jockeys Ridge State Park. The sand dunes are almost other worldly, and it was a definite highlight finally getting to show Aaron what they are all about. We stayed at the fabulous Sanderling Resort in Duck, and it was a wonderful kick off to a life of travels for little Hazel - she did so great!
 photo IMG_0125_zpsn2o057ex.jpg  photo IMG_0134_zpsfltvgqsb.jpg  photo IMG_0151_zpsgtud1kx6.jpg  photo IMG_0161_zpssbghy5ig.jpg  photo IMG_0174_zpsorvjymkr.jpg  photo IMG_0183_zpsbrt9p1qb.jpg  photo IMG_0188_zpsdkouihxv.jpg  photo IMG_0191_zpsvbbisoqh.jpg  photo IMG_0193_zpsmkga7mnk.jpg  photo IMG_0201_zps3zsqrhfg.jpg  photo IMG_0225_zpsnxolkj0c.jpg  photo IMG_0226_zpsr6nx7qrd.jpg  photo IMG_0232_zps7rwvrbbu.jpg  photo IMG_0241_zpskiwkvloi.jpg  photo IMG_0258_zpsqxjkdub6.jpg

Norfolk, VA.

When Aaron and I started dating he was an officer in the Navy and stationed in Norfolk, VA. I knew nothing about the city at the time, but I fell in love with it just about as quickly as I fell in love with Aaron (QUICK, for those who don't know ;). Because we were dating long distance I spent many a weekend visiting him, and it set the stage for some of our favorite dating memories. He lived in Ghent, which is kind of like the "Brooklyn" of Norfolk - charming streets, craft beer for days, and just enough hipsters to make you forget you were in a Navy town. Something about those Norfolk days were so carefree and fun, we were young and in love with very little responsibilities outside of our jobs. It's a time we often look back on, and it was so much fun to go back for a quick visit over Veteran's Day weekend. Also fitting to be in the place where Aaron spent his time serving!  photo IMG_0016_zpsycoely5f.jpg  photo IMG_9994_zpsckvejqmx.jpg  photo IMG_9984_zpslwn8rfth.jpg  photo IMG_0019_zpsdxmfojq1.jpg  photo IMG_0037_zpsohwrgkqv.jpg  photo IMG_0040_zpsosqyko5q.jpg  photo IMG_0051_zpsgqk2e0zz.jpg  photo IMG_0079_zpsnphbvbtg.jpg  photo IMG_0090_zpslqvklqqc.jpg  photo IMG_0109_zpsamsvygn8.jpg  photo IMG_0113_zps6xjfmvgz.jpg