Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fall in Georgetown

There are a number of things I miss about living in New York, but the thing I'm finding it hardest to miss is fall in the city - there's really nothing like it. Every Friday morning during the fall, I'd pick up a latte at our local coffee shop and head to the park for a walk and some leaf documenting. These were some of the most quintessential, magical New York moments for me and this year it's been sad to not be there... until yesterday! Aaron and I had planned to meet after his workday was over for a drink in Georgetown, so Hazel and I headed down a bit early for a walk amongst all of the beautiful streets, and I was won over by the magic that is fall in this part of DC. The combination of gloomy skies and fallen leaves (but still enough on the trees) made it such a memorable afternoon, and a lot less sad to be missing fall in New York.  photo IMG_9418_zpsj7ym0sze.jpg  photo IMG_9422_zps9pi00djl.jpg  photo IMG_9429_zpsus069fmw.jpg  photo IMG_9441_zpstbjpnwmv.jpg  photo IMG_9452_zpsgg6vwxng.jpg  photo IMG_9458_zpshlevzspz.jpg  photo IMG_9473_zps8azru1di.jpg  photo IMG_9475_zpsdu0b1clo.jpg  photo IMG_9476_zpsvlgxwzvg.jpg  photo IMG_9477_zps9sb4ttgb.jpg  photo IMG_9493_zpsri1cl37h.jpg  photo IMG_9500_zpsn5anuasf.jpg  photo IMG_9507_zpsb3udvhqo.jpg  photo IMG_9513_zps7doooxk4.jpg

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pumpkin Picking at Homestead Farms.

After two blissful (and tiring!) weeks, Aaron headed back to work on Monday and Hazel and I were left to fend for ourselves without our favorite guy. Thankfully, both my mom and sister kept us company at the beginning of the week, and my sister and I even managed to get a pedicure with Hazel in tow!

To make the first week a bit easier, Aaron took Wednesday off so we could go to Hazel's two week doctor appointment together. After getting a clean bill of health (she already weighs 10 pounds!), we headed out to Homestead Farms to enjoy the perfect fall day. This was another one of those full circle moments, as Homestead Farms was always the destination for pumpkin picking while growing up. I've been coming here for years, and to think that I was once a little kid wandering these same fields and now to be here with MY baby, was just so surreal. We practically had the place to ourself so we were sure to take lots of photos!
 photo IMG_9276_zpsmyeqkpjd.jpg  photo IMG_9281_zpseaqje3yu.jpg  photo IMG_9284_zpss32xk2n9.jpg  photo IMG_9298_zpscftbcmlg.jpg  photo IMG_9300_zps4hkf7prr.jpg  photo IMG_9333_zpsuisam5fe.jpg  photo IMG_9341_zps7mpdd0fo.jpg  photo IMG_9344_zpsm77lclze.jpg  photo IMG_9348_zpsnhdbocaa.jpg  photo IMG_9360_zpsngxeilmt.jpg  photo IMG_9370_zpsmo3vzrfo.jpg  photo IMG_9373_zps6vmrimrn.jpg  photo IMG_9392_zpshygomaqu.jpg  photo IMG_9401_zpsomoixrwp.jpg

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Weekend at Deep Creek Lake.

Ever since I can remember, my family has been going to Deep Creek for a weekend in October. We'd always go with three other families, and some of my earliest childhood memories are from these yearly weekend trips. The tradition dwindled a bit as the kids went off to college and moved to different states, but when Aaron and I moved back to Maryland, my sister and I were determined to continue the tradition with our own growing families. When we booked the trip late last winter, we had no idea Jess would be due with her second baby any day, and we were also super optimistic about bringing a two week old along for the ride. Thankfully, no babies were born and Hazel did quite well (besides one middle of the night sleep protest…). We stayed in a cozy, lakeside cabin and made sure we took Aaron and Sam to all of our favorite Deep Creek staples. It's still surreal to me that we are old enough to have husbands! And babies! But so sweet to share some of our favorite life memories and traditions with the people we love the most.
 photo IMG_9080_zpsfwi4rj27.jpg  photo IMG_9053_zpsvod5u5i7.jpg  photo IMG_9073_zpsxnhyodpc.jpg  photo IMG_9077_zpshjlhqyi9.jpg  photo IMG_9095_zpsurvhaulr.jpg  photo IMG_9114_zps5zrxxtbm.jpg  photo IMG_9125_zpsvvetgihl.jpg  photo IMG_9137_zpsmwfcwq5x.jpg  photo IMG_9175_zpsqybl9hyl.jpg  photo IMG_9176_zpsyoqaspau.jpg  photo IMG_9196_zpsie1sfqxx.jpg  photo IMG_9209_zpsqa6s8crd.jpg  photo IMG_9215_zpsxfz9vq8l.jpg  photo IMG_9219_zpswfehwm5z.jpg  photo IMG_9227_zpsks4q3fif.jpg  photo IMG_9232_zpsfcbl0pnf.jpg  photo IMG_9236_zpscqdc6dxh.jpg  photo IMG_9240_zpsxjrnl94n.jpg  photo IMG_9255_zpslnttsryx.jpg  photo IMG_9261_zpsdhxtaqzw.jpg  photo IMG_9268_zpsbrjsmzdu.jpg