Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pumpkin Picking at Homestead Farms.

After two blissful (and tiring!) weeks, Aaron headed back to work on Monday and Hazel and I were left to fend for ourselves without our favorite guy. Thankfully, both my mom and sister kept us company at the beginning of the week, and my sister and I even managed to get a pedicure with Hazel in tow!

To make the first week a bit easier, Aaron took Wednesday off so we could go to Hazel's two week doctor appointment together. After getting a clean bill of health (she already weighs 10 pounds!), we headed out to Homestead Farms to enjoy the perfect fall day. This was another one of those full circle moments, as Homestead Farms was always the destination for pumpkin picking while growing up. I've been coming here for years, and to think that I was once a little kid wandering these same fields and now to be here with MY baby, was just so surreal. We practically had the place to ourself so we were sure to take lots of photos!
 photo IMG_9276_zpsmyeqkpjd.jpg  photo IMG_9281_zpseaqje3yu.jpg  photo IMG_9284_zpss32xk2n9.jpg  photo IMG_9298_zpscftbcmlg.jpg  photo IMG_9300_zps4hkf7prr.jpg  photo IMG_9333_zpsuisam5fe.jpg  photo IMG_9341_zps7mpdd0fo.jpg  photo IMG_9344_zpsm77lclze.jpg  photo IMG_9348_zpsnhdbocaa.jpg  photo IMG_9360_zpsngxeilmt.jpg  photo IMG_9370_zpsmo3vzrfo.jpg  photo IMG_9373_zps6vmrimrn.jpg  photo IMG_9392_zpshygomaqu.jpg  photo IMG_9401_zpsomoixrwp.jpg

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  1. A day when you can get a pedicure and spend time outdoor with the family is definitely a good day.