Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life lately.

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We saw Jersey Boys! It was so good other than the disruptive middle-aged women in front of us...
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A Brooklyn adventure to eat at Smorgasburg. So good. I had a lobster roll and ice cream sandwich.
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The week that New York romanced me... even in a heat wave.
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Normal sightings in NYC, and the best waffle I've ever had.
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Gina! You made the blog ;)
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Nolita. A very charming little neighborhood.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Today we make our way to Nashville to celebrate the wedding of Susie and Mike! It's been 5+ years in the making and we can't wait to see these two get married. Plus, we're excited to visit a few honky tonks! photo photo-15_zps4df52297.jpg

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Cloisters.

When people say New York has everything, they mean it. We had the best morning exploring Fort Tryon park where The Cloisters museum sits. It's a group of old abbeys from all over Europe that were moved to New York in the 30's to be enjoyed. It seriously felt like we were somewhere in Italy, and there were such beautiful views of the river. It was hot, but it felt good to be sweating in nature versus in the stagnant air of the subway. I'm already looking forward to our next trip! photo photo-43_zps5cf19201.jpg  photo photo-44_zpsac116b26.jpg  photo photo-45_zps16c911a2.jpg  photo 1_zpse803da61.jpg  photo photo-40_zps8159bf3f.jpg  photo 2_zps54d9afbf.jpg  photo photo-46_zpsdecc63f6.jpg  photo photo-47_zpsc072c086.jpg  photo photo-48_zps509a9cb6.jpg

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The time I walked a red carpet.

I have yet to go in depth about my job on this blog and this post feels like the perfect time. I am the Sales and Customer Care Manager for ONA, a procurer of premium camera bags and accessories geared toward style-conscious photographers. I was a customer first after discovering the brand on a blog I follow, and I received my first bag this Christmas. The details here are kind of blur, but once we found out we were moving to New York, I tweeted at ONA about job openings. I don’t remember why ONA was the first company to pop into my brain, but I reached out via Twitter just to ask. Much to my surprise, I got a direct message back mentioning that they had just opening a new position and the job description perfectly matched my experience. Miracle. After applying, interviewing, moving, and interviewing again, I landed the job within 5 days of living in New York. Totally unexpected! I was anticipating several month of joblessness.

After two months of working with this amazing company, I was sent to sunny LA for a Leica store opening. During my trip I visited with prospective retail partners, walked a red carpet, and took a picture with Seal. All of the ingredients to make for a memorable first work trip! 
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