Thursday, October 19, 2017

Deep Creek Lake.

This is one of my favorite life traditions and I'm so glad it happened again this year! We headed to Deep Creek Lake for a weekend away with my sister and her family to experience all things fall, and enjoy a lakeside life for a couple of days. We've been going to Deep Creek for 20+ years as a family, and it's so sweet to share the tradition with our own little families. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but my only regret is not bringing Hazel's moose hat from last year to recreate the same picture of her at in front of the cabin 2 weeks old! I suppose there's always next year!
 photo IMG_3902_zpsziq7iaci.jpg  photo IMG_3813_zpsozvcbywz.jpg  photo IMG_3848_zps7ip63zgv.jpg  photo IMG_3897_zpsihik2vmj.jpg  photo IMG_3900_zpswnrob9f3.jpg  photo IMG_3997_zpsuvlo109r.jpg  photo IMG_4059_zpsdllmq5iv.jpg  photo IMG_4075_zpsinraeol0.jpg  photo IMG_4085_zps5h4rbonq.jpg  photo IMG_4095_zpsc1jy4igf.jpg  photo IMG_4104_zpsarmjh4x8.jpg  photo IMG_4108_zpspurrxter.jpg  photo IMG_4113-2_zpsrxpxrzce.jpg  photo IMG_4154_zps1egb0vac.jpg  photo IMG_4164_zpsmvxazvht.jpg  photo IMG_4174_zpsoefeivdv.jpg  photo IMG_4181_zps2nk6zsxc.jpg  photo IMG_4192_zpsvc0mculy.jpg  photo IMG_4220_zps0bvrnuds.jpg

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Apple Picking.

As of yesterday we have fully leaned into all things fall! It was just under 70 degrees, perfectly sunny, and we spent the entire day outside enjoying the crisp air. I loved everything about this summer, but bring on autumn!
 photo IMG_2550_zpsk6niyc7i.jpg  photo IMG_2561_zpsjvleysl0.jpg  photo IMG_2579_zpsff1ln6e0.jpg  photo IMG_2600_zpsgleuiqbo.jpg  photo IMG_2614_zpsde0ywege.jpg  photo IMG_2617_zpsu0bd0sri.jpg  photo IMG_2646_zpsqxd6vsf8.jpg  photo IMG_2658_zps1j4ncsu1.jpg  photo IMG_2670_zpsekeb4x6x.jpg  photo IMG_2698_zpsc79ztava.jpg  photo IMG_2732_zpsm1os4cvw.jpg

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Beach morning.

While in Bethany over the long weekend, we headed straight to the beach one morning to take a few pictures in the morning light. With just a few weeks until Hazel's first birthday, each moment we capture with her feels like one we'll cherish forever.
 photo IMG_2516_zpswusopk8f.jpg  photo IMG_2491_zpsf6igs7er.jpg  photo IMG_2462_zpstyfwxq4y.jpg  photo IMG_2455_zpsloggxbgz.jpg  photo IMG_2434_zpsym0gnw5r.jpg  photo IMG_2420_zps4svgdnxu.jpg  photo IMG_2394_zpsa4ewmkwj.jpg  photo IMG_2379_zpswfgliwka.jpg  photo IMG_2356_zpssyxctr8m.jpg  photo IMG_2350_zpswc2dnsbh.jpg  photo IMG_2322_zps2lbsvfit.jpg  photo IMG_2320_zpsrgpup8e6.jpg  photo IMG_2314_zpsxq8nfy0p.jpg

Friday, August 4, 2017

Bath time.

I'm trying to get better at remembering to pick up my camera in the normal, everyday moments we experience with Hazel. While sometimes having my camera on me can feel like a burden, Hazel is getting bigger every day, and I'm continually grateful for all the times I paused to document the sweetness of life with her. Yesterday's bath time was nothing special, just part of the daily routine, and yet these may be some of my favorite pictures I've taken of her to date.  photo IMG_1158_zpsznfgypbw.jpg  photo IMG_1157_zpsouv0fw2h.jpg  photo IMG_1145_zpsuj76hcyl.jpg  photo IMG_1168_zpswfb5w3bw.jpg  photo IMG_1171_zpszjqvayzg.jpg  photo IMG_1173_zpsboq8stid.jpg  photo IMG_1186_zpskgdoqkta.jpg  photo IMG_1197_zps3ubicgtn.jpg