Thursday, December 26, 2013

Arizona Part II: The Grand Canyon

Sooo, you may have gathered from my posts on Facebook and Instagram that we went to the Grand Canyon and then didn't actually see the Grand Canyon. It was disappointing (to say the least) to make the drive out there only to arrive and have the canyon filled with fog. At a certain point it became laughable because this fog phenomenon happens ONCE A DECADE. Seriously. Everyone was all "you're witnessing a miracle!" and we just pouted and ate our weight in In-N-Out burgers. We'll be sure to come back before the next decade, just for good measure!
 photo IMG_9152_zps0e39a833.jpg  photo IMG_9156_zpsb0c37a0b.jpg  photo IMG_9159_zps5ddf7261.jpg
(The only reason we're smiling in these pictures is because they are before we actually reached the edge and we still had hope in our hearts. So sad.)

Merry Christmas!

 photo unnamed_zps2d4b0994.jpg

Saturday, December 21, 2013

All things Christmas!

It's no secret that I love all things Christmas and have (literally) eaten up all the festivities + cheer that have come with this season. Our celebrations started last weekend with Aaron's family, where we spent a cozy weekend indoors enjoying each other, rich food, and many a drink. It was so nice to stay in with no agenda and enjoy moments with family that we love.
 photo IMG_9441_zps50bc3786.jpg  photo IMG_9448-2_zps95a5ba4d.jpg 
Since I'd been wanting to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree, I made time this week to drop by early before work. It really is a sight to see and was so much more enjoyable sans crowds (although there were some other early birds)! I can't get over how magical New York is during Christmas. I'm starting to wonder if it's an all the time kind of thing (except the summer - the summer is hot and unmagical).
 photo IMG_9453_zps06e2a483.jpg 
 photo IMG_9454_zps3933e875.jpg
On Friday, we dressed up and had our annual 'Christmas Date' where we sipped champagne, took self-timer pictures by our tree, and used a generous gift card given to us for our wedding. We enjoyed an amazing dinner on the Upper West Side and were in bed before 11pm. Perfect Friday night in my (aging) opinion.
 photo IMG_9471_zps7c14d57b.jpg  photo IMG_9475_zps44550455.jpg  photo IMG_9480_zpsd7461539.jpg
To round out a weekend of delicious food and New York enjoyment, we began our Saturday with our own little Christmas morning (since we'll be in Maryland on the 25th), and we lazily went back to sleep until 11am. I'm all about the after breakfast nap.
 photo IMG_9484_zps20a0ef75.jpg 
After sleeping longer than we expected, we ventured out to our favorite restaurant in the West Village and walked down to SoHo to see where the new ONA office is moving on January 2nd! We made time to people watch in Washington Square Park, and ended our afternoon with a lovely tea at Bergdorf Goodman.
 photo IMG_9496_zps6b256d7b.jpg  photo IMG_9500_zps13ff236b.jpg  photo IMG_9504_zps9462fcba.jpg  photo IMG_9509_zpse8b69be7.jpg
Tomorrow morning we're headed back home (again!) and we will continue the Christmas-celebrating and family time. I'm really looking forward to it. Merry Christmas, readers!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Arizona Part I: Sedona

The first part of our trip to Arizona was spent in Phoenix photographing my dear friend's wedding, but there will be more to come on that wonderful topic on my photography blog soon. To sum up the highlights of Phoenix - meeting Sarah (Pete's wife!), seeing Pete get married, and getting to pet a pug for the first time!

After the wedding, Pete graciously let us drive his swanky SUV to the Grand Canyon and back. On the way, we made sure to stop in the red rocks of Sedona and really enjoyed everything about this area. It was one of those places where your face is glued to the window and you keep asking if you can pull over and just take one more picture. Take a look! photo IMG_9048_zps0ff07c03.jpg  photo IMG_9053_zps6ae4e6c7.jpg  photo IMG_9056_zpsb0f06e6e.jpg  photo IMG_9063_zps6d045a6f.jpg  photo IMG_9067_zps04b37a14.jpg photo IMG_9070_zpsdb715309.jpg  photo IMG_9075_zps172f71d3.jpg  photo IMG_9080_zps2f040ca9.jpg  photo IMG_9084_zps837fab73.jpg  photo IMG_9097_zpsdd380e72.jpg  photo IMG_9101_zps963e5527.jpg  photo IMG_9102_zps8688c1cb.jpg  photo IMG_9108_zps263c02e1.jpg  photo IMG_9107_zpsdef668cb.jpg  photo IMG_9112_zpsabba7f8e.jpg  photo IMG_9118_zps4423bb82.jpg  photo IMG_9120_zpsde2714bc.jpg  photo IMG_9123_zps41a4fba4.jpg  photo IMG_9124_zps17eb9fee.jpg  photo IMG_9125_zps16d9e15a.jpg  photo IMG_9146_zps7b143144.jpg
Up next, the Grand Canyon (of which we didn't see)...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Decking the halls!

Sure, I could be posting about the recent trip we took to Arizona or the full week of Miami sunshine but I'm back in New York and the only thing on my mind is CHRISTMAS! Our tiny home now has the presence of a glorious tree and I know I'll be enjoying it from now until mid-January (hey, we got a late start!)

Although getting our tree could be the highlight of my week, this night in general was just one of my all time favorites. It felt like it was our first time doing any of this - new and exciting! Maybe it was that we hadn't really seen each other in a week, or that everything surrounding Christmas just feels a bit magical, but it's a night I soon won't forget.
 photo IMG_9393_zps135f65fc.jpg  photo IMG_9395_zps85a7069a.jpg  photo IMG_9391_zps2b01e4a4.jpg  photo IMG_9397_zps1fd3f2cf.jpg  photo IMG_9399_zpsfdb4b2bd.jpg  photo IMG_9407_zps1217677a.jpg  photo IMG_9411_zps0c94e9fe.jpg  photo IMG_9413_zpse9d42467.jpg  photo IMG_9419_zps316c243f.jpg  photo IMG_9423_zps14cbd402.jpg  photo IMG_9426_zpsc504fc41.jpg  photo IMG_9427_zpsc1fc48b4.jpg  photo IMG_9431_zps1351a67d.jpg  photo IMG_9435_zps95511c4b.jpg
See our tree decorating from last year here.