Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Thanksgiving is the best, isn't it? I particularly love the traditions we have and that you can expect certain things to happen every year. For us, we may sleep in a bit and slowly make our way downstairs to watch parts of the Macy's parade. Sometimes even the first few minutes of the dog show (anyone else?). Then we'll move into breakfast/light snack territory, and the important part of this time is making sure you reserve as much stomach space as possible for the feast later!

The past three years, Aaron and I have also started taking a pre-feast, mid-afternoon walk, and it's become something I really look forward to. Walks are in no way out of the ordinary for us, in fact, we are quite the walkers and enjoy taking them together - and often! But what I love about these is that we always end up having one of those future-dreaming, where-will-we-be-next-year conversations. It always feels refreshing to dream together, and reflect on the things we talked about the year prior. So much can + does happen in a year! I feel so grateful to reflect and move forward with him, and I'm feeling especially thankful for this past year and what we have to look forward to in 2014.

And now, on to the portrait session that I put my family through every year!
 photo IMG_7391_zps0ce209ad.jpg  photo IMG_7402_zpse3e9719b.jpg  photo IMG_7404_zps73a7ae11.jpg  photo IMG_7407_zpse605fea0.jpg  photo IMG_7411_zps93a67465.jpg  photo IMG_7422_zpsabe48e35.jpg  photo IMG_7425_zpsc3f24351.jpg  photo IMG_7433_zps2bb6ba36.jpg  photo IMG_7435_zps29b94794.jpg  photo IMG_7449_zpsdd2cd1a1.jpg
This post almost looks identical to last year's Thanksgiving post. I guess not THAT much has changed (other than Baby Boro, of course!)

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