Thursday, December 26, 2013

Arizona Part II: The Grand Canyon

Sooo, you may have gathered from my posts on Facebook and Instagram that we went to the Grand Canyon and then didn't actually see the Grand Canyon. It was disappointing (to say the least) to make the drive out there only to arrive and have the canyon filled with fog. At a certain point it became laughable because this fog phenomenon happens ONCE A DECADE. Seriously. Everyone was all "you're witnessing a miracle!" and we just pouted and ate our weight in In-N-Out burgers. We'll be sure to come back before the next decade, just for good measure!
 photo IMG_9152_zps0e39a833.jpg  photo IMG_9156_zpsb0c37a0b.jpg  photo IMG_9159_zps5ddf7261.jpg
(The only reason we're smiling in these pictures is because they are before we actually reached the edge and we still had hope in our hearts. So sad.)

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