Monday, June 26, 2017

Middleburg, Virginia.

A few weeks ago while on a flight returning from Seattle, I sat next to an older woman who raved about her small village in northern Virginia called Middleburg. I had heard a thing or two about it previously, but after some solid recommendations and a free weekend ahead, we decided to take a day trip out there on Saturday. Honestly, I wasn't sure if it would live up the hype (that I had mostly created in my head), but then IT DID. We pretty much do this everywhere we go, but we couldn't help but drive by a few houses for sale because we loved it so much. We stopped at the Red Fox Inn and Tavern on the main street for brunch, where I had a blood orange mimosa and fried green tomato eggs benedict. We then walked off our brunch through the adorable main street before taking a leisurely drive around the area. The glimpses of the Shenandoah Mountains were the cherry on top! I'm already scheming about how we can get back out there for a night away soon.  photo IMG_0327_zpsfl3qz8cj.jpg  photo IMG_0328_zpsoakvw7lo.jpg  photo IMG_0333_zpss6uawobq.jpg  photo IMG_0446_zpsoo6tdvxo.jpg  photo IMG_0337_zpst759mcpy.jpg  photo IMG_0344_zpstqkghf3u.jpg  photo IMG_0377_zpsg8hx3pu8.jpg  photo IMG_0457_zpswzcfxocr.jpg  photo IMG_0463_zpssirgs3zv.jpg  photo IMG_0466_zpsjqkj3fmw.jpg  photo IMG_0494_zps0jzstcrj.jpg

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lavender fields for my birthday.

If this is 29, sign me up! Last year it was strawberry picking, and this year it was frolicking on a lavender farm. Really all I could ask for is a sunny, breezy Saturday to spend time outside with my little family. I'm very thankful, and am ready to see all that is in store for 29.
 photo IMG_9994_zpssuwl4lxi.jpg  photo IMG_9999_zpshjmhcr22.jpg  photo IMG_0043_zps7fvaltbs.jpg  photo IMG_0046_zpsmelgt6sh.jpg  photo IMG_0057_zpsmp7q3olj.jpg  photo IMG_0068_zpscz66iaxa.jpg  photo IMG_0075_zpsrkr0gc7n.jpg  photo IMG_0080_zpsmgt0hvwp.jpg  photo IMG_0119_zpscjwgnu5i.jpg  photo IMG_0146_zps9jhc0yf8.jpg