Sunday, November 27, 2016

Our 2016 Christmas Card Photoshoot.

The tradition continues! We got together with Jess and Sam for our annual Christmas card photoshoot this weekend, and Sam is always so kind to return the favor and take some of us. I always joke that I'm the Boro family life photographer and he's so graciously stepped into the role for us. I always felt a little silly sending out a picture of just Aaron and I, but not anymore! Now that little Hazel is apart of our crew I feel a bit less ridiculous. I will say, I'm so glad to look back on the pictures from years past and you can take a look at them all here if you'd like... 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. So many years! See if you can spot some repeat locations and stay tuned for the photo that was the winner ;)
 photo IMG_9641_zpspkpxyha1.jpg  photo IMG_9646_zpsgafv8nyp.jpg  photo IMG_9653_zpsssoqsbkl.jpg  photo IMG_9657_zpsk7mai7tz.jpg  photo IMG_9655-4_zpswjgnp3cu.jpg  photo IMG_9661_zps1hfvzrky.jpg  photo IMG_9665_zpsqxqezq8d.jpg  photo IMG_9671_zpsxkmhatob.jpg  photo IMG_9677_zpsvoppeuvd.jpg

Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016.

I say it every year, but I am always so grateful for the tradition of our Thanksgiving gathering. So many families have to split time for holidays or switch off every year, but we're fortunate to have families that all live nearby and really enjoy time together - it makes it so easy for my sister and I to not have to choose between our parents and in-laws. As an added bonus, Adam and Brittany joined us this year instead of going to Indiana so it was finally a complete Harmon / Wishart / Boro Thanksgiving! Another fun part was that last year Betsy was the only baby and this year there were three more babies added to the mix. It's crazy what a difference a year can make! See our gatherings from years past here, here, and here.
 photo IMG_9408_zpscqq32eqt.jpg  photo IMG_9415_zpshftgkfid.jpg  photo IMG_9427_zpsx7sddmr5.jpg  photo IMG_9437_zpsyykrcqbl.jpg  photo IMG_9458_zpsqnkgzjog.jpg  photo IMG_9460_zpsuqgckr5o.jpg  photo IMG_9479_zpsx8hh4u6c.jpg

Monday, November 21, 2016

2 months of Hazel!

Everything they say is true, it all goes so fast! As I scroll back through the (probably thousands) pictures I've taken since she was born I can't believe how much we've accomplished the past two months (aside from the hours and hours of cuddling we've done). For one, I birthed a whole human and have made a full recovery from the wonderful and traumatic experience it was. We've gone on two trips as a family, attended two weddings (one where I was a bridesmaid), seen lots of friends and family, ventured out of the house for at least one adventure a day, and are now gearing up for the holiday fun to come. Hazel had her two month check-up today so it seemed fitting to share an update here.

First of all, we love her so much! I know it seems silly, but the love I feel for her has taken me by surprise. I could never understand when moms would talk about missing their babies once they put them to sleep, but it turns out that's actually a thing! Something else I didn't expect was how sweet it would be to see her fall in love with ME. I guess I just always assumed the love would be one-sided (you know, kids...), but she actually sighs out with love and adoration when I approach her, and she just stares at me with such love eyes. We've established such a sweet bond and I'm already getting sad about going back to work. Thankfully, we have about a month left together before that has to happen!

Here's a little breakdown of our little Hazel Belle at 2 months old . . .

Development/Milestones: She's one smiley and chatty babe! She started smiling a few weeks ago, and just last week we started getting some quality coos. It really seems like she's found her voice, and it's one of the sweetest things to witness.

Eating: She eats about every 3-4 hours, except through the night (see below). I'm exclusively breastfeeding for the time-being, and I'm grateful that hasn't been a challenge. She and I have both taken to it naturally, and it's such a sweet thing. She's in the 80th percentile for weight (12 lbs!) and we have a love / hate relationship with seeing her grow! 

Sleeping: A little over three weeks ago she started sleeping 8 hours a night!! I don't attribute this to anything other than being SUPER lucky, but we are oh so grateful. Once she was about a month old, we let her start sleeping in her crib (mostly for our sanity), and it seemed like she slept even better there than in our room. While I'd love to say this love I have for her is completely unconditional, I would be lying if I said her sleeping habits had nothing to do with it. I know it would be so much harder to enjoy these sweet days if we were sleep deprived.

Likes and Demeanor: She is a happy little clam and really only cries when we're in the car, and then she cries A LOT. I'm not sure if it's because she knows we're up front and she's not with us, but these are definitely some of the more stressful moments for us. Outside of the car, she's content to just be with us and will happily be cuddled by just about anyone. We prayed for a cuddly babe, and a cuddly babe we got!
 photo IMG_9374_zpsvjldssqp.jpg

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Our House Tour - Before and After!

I've been meaning to take pictures of our sweet little home for a while now, but it wasn't until we finally hung the living room gallery wall that the house has felt complete. I'm usually the type to move in and get everything set up right away, but something about nailing holes into the walls we just paid to have painted felt like a big commitment. Once you put those things off it's easy to get used to a house with blank walls, and when you add a newborn into the mix, the projects never get done. However, this weekend we finally tackled the gallery wall and kept asking ourselves what took so long - it was easy and made a huge difference in the main living space.

Before sharing the pictures, I wanted to give a bit of background on the house. It's a small three bedroom, one bath house with an attic and additional outside storage in a shed. Thankfully, coming from New York City we didn't have a huge need for storage, but those two areas have been a huge help as we accumulate more things that come with home ownership. I was also over the moon to finally have a laundry room, coat closet, and linen closet - these are things that you learn to live without when in New York and they are really helpful in terms of organization and not having towels stuffed in random places. The main selling points of the house were the updated kitchen (it's exactly what I would have done myself), close proximity to the metro, located in a great neighborhood, and all of the natural light (even on a very cloudy day).

Prior to moving, we had new hardwood floors put in as I didn't love the parquet flooring (although it was hardwood, too). We also had the entire interior painted and spruced up the bathroom with beautiful marble tiling and a new vanity. I wasn't able to get any good pictures of the bathroom this time around, but hope to share those eventually. The guest room / study is also not pictured for now as we just had a guest leave when I took these pictures and I hadn't yet tidied the room :) Enjoy the before and afters!

The Living Room Before:
 photo FullSizeRender_zpswcovd2dx.jpg  photo FullSizeRender-2_zpshw3l2nlw.jpg

 photo IMG_9825_zps3g1h1oau.jpg  photo IMG_9810_zpscrmaxd46.jpg  photo IMG_9798_zpse47qquwh.jpg  photo IMG_9813_zpsakuyh04d.jpg

The Kitchen / Dining Area Before:
 photo IMG_3109_zpsmkx0p1zo.jpg  photo IMG_3130_zpsqjy1i7ud.jpg

 photo IMG_9834_zpsueaczte3.jpg  photo IMG_9853_zpssk5d0sht.jpg  photo IMG_9785_zpsptrtqdk8.jpg

The Master Bedroom Before:
 photo IMG_3123_zps6mf4dxky.jpg

 photo IMG_9773_zps6snge07a.jpg  photo IMG_9768_zpsnzfmkgnl.jpg  photo IMG_9763_zpsir6j2xpa.jpg

The Nursery Before:
 photo IMG_3115_zps9w1xdliu.jpg

 photo IMG_9957_zpsgaxgoljw.jpg  photo IMG_9870_zpsbeemhfpi.jpg  photo IMG_9866_zpscvdtvohy.jpg  photo IMG_9868_zpsvc06eiyo.jpg  photo IMG_9880_zps7woglyqd.jpg