Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016.

I say it every year, but I am always so grateful for the tradition of our Thanksgiving gathering. So many families have to split time for holidays or switch off every year, but we're fortunate to have families that all live nearby and really enjoy time together - it makes it so easy for my sister and I to not have to choose between our parents and in-laws. As an added bonus, Adam and Brittany joined us this year instead of going to Indiana so it was finally a complete Harmon / Wishart / Boro Thanksgiving! Another fun part was that last year Betsy was the only baby and this year there were three more babies added to the mix. It's crazy what a difference a year can make! See our gatherings from years past here, here, and here.
 photo IMG_9408_zpscqq32eqt.jpg  photo IMG_9415_zpshftgkfid.jpg  photo IMG_9427_zpsx7sddmr5.jpg  photo IMG_9437_zpsyykrcqbl.jpg  photo IMG_9458_zpsqnkgzjog.jpg  photo IMG_9460_zpsuqgckr5o.jpg  photo IMG_9479_zpsx8hh4u6c.jpg

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