Sunday, November 25, 2012

Many, Many Thanks.

Waking up on Thanksgiving Day is always such a treat, don't you think? I love coming downstairs to my mom "wrestling" the turkey. I love seeing the meal take shape with so many sides, and pies, and recipes involving butter. The house always seems extra cozy on Thanksgiving, it smells good and is warm. This year was extra sweet and cozy, as most things are these days. I woke up with a husband next to me! It's continually a novelty, especially on days like these. Celebrating the "firsts" of our life together is one of the many things I am thankful for. I love that these firsts will be moments we cherish and talk about for so many years. I know we will constantly be having firsts, but slowly they will turn into seconds and thirds and although they are sweet, the newness and excitement we feel now may not remain each time. It's important to be especially thankful for them in the midst of the newness, and I certainly am. With that said, I bring you our very first, married Thanksgiving!

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