Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas in the city.

I'm convinced there's nothing more magical than Christmastime in New York City and our adventures last Monday night confirmed it yet again. Every plaza and is decorated and people seem to be more cheery and spirited. We have a little tradition of biking to midtown for dinner at Burger Joint, followed by a visit to the Rockefeller tree, and a walk down Fifth Avenue to see all of the elaborate windows, particularly the Bergdorf Goodman ones. This year we also splurged on a glass of champagne at The Plaza Hotel's champagne bar and both agreed it'll be another night in the city we won't forget.
 photo image_zpsqzwriai1.jpeg  photo image_zpsawfjfxxx.jpeg  photo image_zps248skoed.jpeg  photo image_zps5nhzilil.jpeg  photo image_zpspzmcitlq.jpeg  photo image_zpscqpmrvwm.jpeg  photo image_zpsaqf4vuwc.jpeg  photo image_zpsngplseqn.jpeg  photo image_zpsaoprmkog.jpeg

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our Christmas Tree!

I think I probably say it every year but this never fails to be one of my favorite nights. Something about getting a tree up six flights of stairs, uncovering all of our favorite ornaments again, and drinking gin and tonics while we listen to Christmas music is just the best. Traditions are so important to me and this is one I cherish every year. It feels like our little tree completes our apartment; not to mention smelling like the best parts of the season. I have all of the feelings over here! Soaking in each and every good thing about this time of year.
 photo IMG_3713_zpsowkhl8uk.jpg  photo IMG_3720_zpsj1a3uux8.jpg  photo IMG_3727_zpsavrbw6fs.jpg  photo IMG_3740_zpsmmyt7hnu.jpg  photo IMG_3745_zpsyxzj6bp8.jpg  photo IMG_3780_zpspme20uk4.jpg  photo IMG_3788_zpsbuqpbrev.jpg  photo IMG_3793_zpse441ztt4.jpg  photo IMG_3807_zps2bpkgpks.jpg  photo IMG_3828_zpsptwrsr8h.jpg  photo IMG_3831_zpsjs8f4obc.jpg
See our trees from years past here, here, and here

Monday, November 30, 2015


It always dawns on me during Thanksgiving how fortunate Aaron and I to have both of our families gather together. Having our families close in proximity is a huge blessing and makes our life so much easier during the holidays. We also have a great time when we're all together which is an added bonus if you ask me! This year was especially fun because Betsy is at such an entertaining age and her little chats and songs make for a happy holiday no matter what. Per tradition, we took our pre-feast pictures in my parents backyard. See previous Thanksgiving posts herehere, and here.
 photo IMG_3590_zpsdatffmps.jpg  photo IMG_3606_zpsafhr5cbq.jpg  photo IMG_3620_zpswxnoyqdf.jpg  photo IMG_3644_zps1inpahdr.jpg  photo IMG_3661_zpsontlqazh.jpg  photo IMG_3667_zpshahx7kd2.jpg

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Our 2015 Christmas Pictures!

The best time of year has come again which means all of our favorite traditions are happening, too! Something we look forward to every year is 'Christmas Picture Day' with Jess and Sam. We've been doing a little photoshoot during Thanksgiving weekend for the past few years and it's always so fun to dress up and get a few good pictures taken. I've said it before, but I love the idea of looking back on these pictures when we're old and adding new ones to the mix every year. You can see previous shoots here, here, here, and here. We've already grown up and changed so much in such a short amount of time. Now let the Christmas festivities begin!  photo IMG_3148_zps7nel5w7g.jpg  photo IMG_3232_zpsgnvkrofj.jpg  photo IMG_3300_zpsmivcjmkg.jpg  photo IMG_3365_zpslbhnrpk8.jpg  photo IMG_3367_zpsh4zgv27t.jpg  photo IMG_3496_zpsnzk7wpga.jpg  photo IMG_3576_zpsr9dxlioh.jpg
Thanks to Sam for taking these for us!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

When weekend visits make you remember how lucky you are to have siblings and best friends all in one.
 photo IMG_3035_zpsbqgvclqb.jpg  photo IMG_3047_zpssjzph4be.jpg  photo IMG_3050_zpsazduzw5c.jpg  photo IMG_3054_zpsyjfvks7o.jpg  photo IMG_3055_zps5pdsuiae.jpg  photo IMG_3059_zpse11vsnz3.jpg  photo IMG_3071_zpslr38g0d3.jpg

Friday, November 6, 2015

Seattle + Portland

One of the best parts of my job (other than work-from-home Fridays ;) is that every few months I choose a few retailers I haven't met face to face and I make a trip to see them and introduce myself in person. It's always so much fun to put a face to a name and to finally meet "my people" in real life.

I've visited most of our retailers at this point, and this week I finally made it out to visit our partners in Seattle and Portland. Given my love for the Pacific Northwest (remember when I lived in Spokane, WA?) I was super excited to be back on the "best coast". After the meetings were over each day, I made time to see a few sights and enjoyed getting reacquainted with the glorious PNW. Here are a few pictures from my time:
 photo GBLX0147_zpsyjignzds.jpg  photo TZVR4720_zps912gputa.jpg  photo OWRM9494_zps6mf8sipb.jpg  photo KNTI3611_zps6wnotn3o.jpg  photo NTRX8672_zpsesdv1tbt.jpg  photo VNJE4427_zps9gdv5cmv.jpg  photo UVEZ4214_zps1gkhr8uo.jpg  photo MSLY0741_zpsff3qlntz.jpg  photo LLCH8009_zpsjhyjufmz.jpg  photo CGCR7003_zpsu3gzabrh.jpg
(all photos taken via iPhone)