Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree!

Probably one of my favorite traditions during Christmas is going to get our tree. As a kid, we would always, always cut it down ourselves and there were even a few years where we trekked so far out and got HUGE trees that it was very reminiscent of the Griswold Christmas Vacation. We still joke about it to this day! Since Aaron and I have only lived in cities together, we've always gone to a lot or stand somewhere in our neighborhood. While I miss the days of an outdoor adventure, there is something fun and kind of romantic about picking out our tree and walking it home together through the neighborhood. You can see the past two years of getting our tree here and here.  photo IMG_4174_zpsc5fba338.jpg  photo IMG_4180_zps59d9ce13.jpg  photo IMG_4196_zps5dc6bd93.jpg  photo IMG_4201_zps234c7a74.jpg  photo IMG_4214_zpse877789e.jpg  photo IMG_4217_zpsaadb70fb.jpg  photo IMG_4220_zps61f0f983.jpg  photo IMG_4222_zpscc1078c0.jpg  photo IMG_4224_zpsd0cfa270.jpg  photo IMG_4230_zpsea08d137.jpg

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