Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Turks and Caicos Islands

There are perks to marrying an older man you know, like having a reason to go to Turks and Caicos for his 30th birthday ;)
 photo IMG_3989_zps52a2bb56.jpg  photo IMG_3991_zps83db564b.jpg  photo IMG_3997_zps85fe747b.jpg  photo IMG_4012_zpsef5ee67d.jpg  photo IMG_4032_zps5f2fb2d0.jpg
 photo IMG_4082_zps10f263a9.jpg  photo IMG_4051_zpsb18a9f99.jpg  photo IMG_4048_zpsb23748ac.jpg  photo IMG_4039_zps42d6ffca.jpg  photo IMG_4094_zps71c4ec18.jpg  photo IMG_4099_zpsa3728280.jpg  photo IMG_4108_zps1b0239cb.jpg  photo IMG_4111_zpsd8c48c64.jpg  photo IMG_4130_zpsd4e8626d.jpg  photo IMG_4137_zps4436acfe.jpg  photo IMG_4151_zpsaa4606d2.jpg
Happy Birthday, my love. You're my favorite person in all the land.
(ps. we stayed at the Seven Stars Resort for those wondering, and it was so SO wonderful)

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