Monday, July 18, 2016

Iceland. Part 4.

While I have so many more pictures I haven't posted, I finally picked through our last day to give you the final installment of our Iceland vacation! Looking back through these is making me so nostalgic for this trip. It was such a good adventure together and it still feels surreal that we got to see these things in real life. I'll never forget the feeling when we turned the corner of a huge mountain range and saw Skogafoss in the distance, or how fresh the air was as we hiked alongside of Fjadrargljufur and felt like we were in Narnia. This trip was a bucket list item fulfilled and so much more. It was so sweet to spend these days driving and laughing with Aaron and enjoying this country just the two of us. While I know we'll be intentional about family adventures after our baby arrives (we already have Yosemite booked for November!), this will be one I cherish for a long time.
 photo IMG_6098_zpssbzpx30h.jpg  photo IMG_6107_zpsq1g2vfwq.jpg  photo IMG_6111_zpsp0ptzcbe.jpg  photo IMG_6113_zpsfgouilxs.jpg  photo IMG_6125_zps0nqjaslg.jpg  photo IMG_6150_zpskxbd4yzk.jpg  photo IMG_6153_zps1kiqwile.jpg  photo IMG_6162_zpszbxw9rht.jpg  photo IMG_6169_zpsij6czxxr.jpg  photo IMG_6205_zpsm3ipapz4.jpg


If you're wondering what heaven on earth looks like to me, this is pretty darn close.
 photo IMG_7006_zpsbiktipup.jpg  photo IMG_7003_zpsejs0iphi.jpg  photo IMG_7039_zpscwpsm9ls.jpg  photo IMG_7061_zps1d79g4wx.jpg  photo IMG_7010_zpsa7scmbnm.jpg  photo IMG_7080_zpso4goomm3.jpg

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sailing with ONA!

I took a whirlwind trip to New York yesterday for some bonding on the water with my co-workers. Back in the original days of ONA, our first monthly field trip was sailing so we recreated that yesterday with the current team. It was an idyllic summer day and such good time spent together sailing around a city we all love so much. Bonus, after we sailed I introduced my co-workers to Christine and her new pug puppy, Gertie! So very grateful for my job and the opportunity to be back in New York so frequently because of it.
 photo IMG_6824_zpsryifqxkr.jpg  photo IMG_6853_zpsnsdtc1ov.jpg  photo IMG_6916_zpsizpxbfvk.jpg  photo IMG_6866_zps1sikdqaa.jpg  photo IMG_6925_zpspzzeta95.jpg  photo IMG_6927_zpset28z7jf.jpg  photo IMG_6940_zpsatg0mh0a.jpg  photo IMG_6951_zpso0avjstk.jpg  photo IMG_6958_zpsq2rh59i0.jpg  photo IMG_6964_zpskxh3ineg.jpg

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Iceland. Part 3.

Back to Iceland pictures! I still have so much to share and next up is from the amazing day driving to our second hotel. We stayed at Hotel Lambafell which literally sits at the foot of a huge mountain that erupted a few years ago! It's about 30 minutes east of Vik and put us in a perfect location for easy access to some of Iceland's most incredible sights. We spent most of the day driving in that direction and stopping along the road anytime there was something beautiful... basically every few minutes. We stopped at Seljalandsfoss on the way, and we both agreed it was a life highlight getting to walk behind such a huge waterfall. Later that evening, we hiked out to Seljavallalaug (one of Iceland's oldest swimming pools) for a dip in the warm water. We lucked out because it was just a quick hike from our hotel which made it easy to come back and round out the day with some wine and cheese.
 photo IMG_5902_zpsfwplbvyg.jpg  photo IMG_5919_zpskbecjbt4.jpg  photo IMG_5936_zpscj9glvlk.jpg  photo IMG_5938_zpsjz77nfso.jpg  photo IMG_5966_zps6i9ny6dw.jpg  photo IMG_5980_zpsnrnom2kz.jpg  photo IMG_5987_zpszyzp6eyz.jpg  photo IMG_5990_zpsh4wxgktu.jpg  photo IMG_6034_zpsagcoumgh.jpg  photo IMG_6046_zpsv9k5zl64.jpg  photo IMG_6050_zpsau0mnemj.jpg  photo IMG_6056_zpsm0ko7z2t.jpg  photo IMG_6064_zpshquqg5ie.jpg  photo IMG_6071_zps8wfo5qvs.jpg

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Our Baby Shower!

It's no surprise at this point that my sister is an expert party planner and I have pictures here to prove it! When we started talking about the shower a few months ago I knew I wanted Aaron to be a part (it's his baby too, after all!) so a co-ed fiesta was the direction she headed. After all sorts of planning and purchasing, my sister and Sam opened their home to around 50 people who came to celebrate baby Wishart. We joked that it was like having another wedding! The afternoon was so much fun, with delicious food, amazing decoration and detail, and so many people we love in one place. Our baby girl was showered with SO many wonderful gifts and we left feeling overwhelmed with love and support as we head into this next phase of life. Thank you so much, Sees! It was the best day.
 photo IMG_6502_zpsqqnfm5nm.jpg  photo IMG_6493_zpsts0t7h9y.jpg  photo IMG_6495_zpsgx7jpvhl.jpg  photo IMG_6496_zpsxspsb7ly.jpg  photo IMG_6508_zpswn8lofhh.jpg  photo IMG_6517_zpskgmxoth8.jpg  photo IMG_6531_zpskv9ydtjl.jpg  photo IMG_6533_zpsshwvixph.jpg  photo IMG_6546_zpsyy5pviay.jpg  photo IMG_6556_zpsrpp1ntep.jpg  photo IMG_6574_zpseh3bcf7h.jpg  photo IMG_6601_zpsztuhjay6.jpg  photo IMG_6630_zpsf7vopb7i.jpg  photo IMG_6617_zpschl2pzbh.jpg  photo IMG_6633_zpsls9qv29j.jpg  photo IMG_6645_zps7segolk2.jpg