Sunday, November 8, 2015

When weekend visits make you remember how lucky you are to have siblings and best friends all in one.
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Friday, November 6, 2015

Seattle + Portland

One of the best parts of my job (other than work-from-home Fridays ;) is that every few months I choose a few retailers I haven't met face to face and I make a trip to see them and introduce myself in person. It's always so much fun to put a face to a name and to finally meet "my people" in real life.

I've visited most of our retailers at this point, and this week I finally made it out to visit our partners in Seattle and Portland. Given my love for the Pacific Northwest (remember when I lived in Spokane, WA?) I was super excited to be back on the "best coast". After the meetings were over each day, I made time to see a few sights and enjoyed getting reacquainted with the glorious PNW. Here are a few pictures from my time:
 photo GBLX0147_zpsyjignzds.jpg  photo TZVR4720_zps912gputa.jpg  photo OWRM9494_zps6mf8sipb.jpg  photo KNTI3611_zps6wnotn3o.jpg  photo NTRX8672_zpsesdv1tbt.jpg  photo VNJE4427_zps9gdv5cmv.jpg  photo UVEZ4214_zps1gkhr8uo.jpg  photo MSLY0741_zpsff3qlntz.jpg  photo LLCH8009_zpsjhyjufmz.jpg  photo CGCR7003_zpsu3gzabrh.jpg
(all photos taken via iPhone)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile." // William Bryant
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Friday, October 16, 2015

Central Park Mornings.

If you follow me on Instagram it's no secret I take walks every Friday morning through Central Park with my phone in tow to document. Lucky for me, this week Christine traversed from Brooklyn to join and of course there was no shortage of picture taking. Given the perfect fall day and the changing leaves, it seemed like an appropriate occasion to bust out my DSLR and document my favorite morning of the week. This city just knows how to do fall right!
 photo IMG_2421_zpsim4wvupc.jpg  photo IMG_2428_zpsbro7n3ln.jpg  photo IMG_2485_zpsnxcnw7hc.jpg  photo IMG_2477_zps1qjv6zop.jpg  photo IMG_2488_zpsegencgxu.jpg

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Weekend in the Catskills.

This past weekend I came out of photography retirement to shoot an intimate wedding in the mountains - it was so sweet and I can't wait to share more. When the offer came up, right on the cusp of fall, we of course couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a weekend out of it. We found a cozy lodge right on the edge of Minnewaska State Park and spent the whole time marveling at the beauty just under 2 hours from the city. After shooting the wedding we made time for apple picking, wine tasting, hiking, and some good ol' fireside conversation before heading home on Sunday. It's a weekend I'll be thinking about for months to come!
 photo IMG_0580_zpsrbwrnwdj.jpg  photo IMG_1437_zpssalvnedq.jpg  photo IMG_1470_zpsqm04gctu.jpg  photo IMG_1471_zpsfoy4qek3.jpg  photo IMG_1501_zpsce5mwtlg.jpg  photo IMG_1504_zpsudcr1lfk.jpg  photo IMG_1512_zpsqm07doa1.jpg  photo IMG_1531_zpsdmooepvw.jpg  photo IMG_1570_zpsac4au2dh.jpg  photo IMG_1586_zpso03cvb19.jpg  photo IMG_1592_zpso0lkxf0u.jpg  photo IMG_1597_zpsvrhovbsf.jpg

Monday, August 31, 2015

Saturday in the park.

A beautiful Saturday calls for a walk in the park with some friends and realizing I'll probably never wear white jeans again (they are already dirty for the record).
 photo IMG_0417_zpst4vsnzwy.jpg  photo IMG_0421_zpsdwys1z0s.jpg  photo IMG_0436_zpsnu3sjo05.jpg  photo IMG_0438_zps6eooz8ai.jpg  photo IMG_0442_zpsvimymywv.jpg  photo IMG_0454_zpsrse1rhva.jpg  photo IMG_0459_zpsp4a0zyog.jpg  photo IMG_0463_zpscj7cv94o.jpg