Monday, October 6, 2014

Top of the Rock!

At the beginning of September my co-worker turned great friend Christine announced that she was moving on from ONA [insert crying emoji]. In order to properly send her off, we set out to have an afternoon of skyscraper hopping! We first went to the Top of the Rock for an ONA field trip, where Christine and I ended up sitting and chatting for several hours after the rest of our team left. There's nothing quite like girl chat (and photo shoots) 70 floors up! It's amazing how quiet and serene the landscape can seem when you're so far removed from the honking cars and trash-filled streets.
 photo IMG_2121_zpse0de8a9d.jpg  photo IMG_2136_zpsb20c37f9.jpg  photo IMG_2142_zps99a91b83.jpg  photo IMG_2147_zps93ddd5a3.jpg  photo IMG_2172_zps3cee0bed.jpg  photo IMG_2193_zpsf4586f43.jpg  photo IMG_2209_zps7f951338.jpg  photo IMG_2215_zpsb012c53e.jpg
Our next destination was Goldman Sachs, where Aaron works, to catch the sunset from the 43rd floor. Because it was September 11th, we also hoped to see the Tribute in Light, which ended up not coming on until later in the evening. I did get a quick picture, although I'm sure it would be even more amazing to see from across the river.
 photo IMG_2230_zpsaae9d34b.jpg  photo IMG_2239_zpsd8264a33.jpg
Ps. Here's a post from last year when Aaron and I visited Top of the Rock. Super similar overcast skies both times. I'm hoping for a clear, blue day the next time I visit!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cinque Terre, Italy

Ohhhh Cinque Terre, how are you just so wonderful? I have so many good memories from this part of our trip. This was my third time back to these five seaside towns and I'm still claiming it as one of my favorite places ever. I don't think I'd ever get tired of seeing the cerulean blue water - it just feels like an obvious stop if you're in Italy.

I was so excited to share this place with Aaron and get to experience it again alongside of him. Just like when I traveled here in college, we ate gelato twice a day at a minimum, pizza for lunch, and pasta for dinner. We drank prosecco and played cards on our balcony every evening, and we spent our days trekking between the towns enjoying the breathtaking views (both literally and figuratively). I'm already looking forward to another trip back!
 photo IMG_1138_zps6e58f490.jpg  photo IMG_1143_zpsd5e76855.jpg  photo IMG_1148_zps98f44ca9.jpg  photo IMG_1161_zpsa89a2c92.jpg  photo IMG_1191_zps8779dbc6.jpg  photo IMG_1192_zpse8bd0144.jpg  photo IMG_1211_zps5c9c35d6.jpg  photo IMG_1218_zps7a5f1c5c.jpg  photo IMG_1231_zps4f3a5a44.jpg  photo IMG_1236_zpsaa36c54e.jpg  photo IMG_1249_zpsa9b9d859.jpg  photo IMG_1260_zpsdf13f640.jpg  photo IMG_1290-2_zps3d71996a.jpg  photo IMG_1297_zps9fe8f56e.jpg  photo IMG_1319_zps5a39f63e.jpg  photo IMG_1327_zpsfadf1b3e.jpg

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A rooftop picnic!

I've lately tried to give more of an effort to bring along my "real" camera when we do things, and I'm never sad when I do. (Unless I lug my camera along when we end up doing something super boring, and then I'm always sad I brought along that heavy, bulky thing). BUT, when you have a picnic on the rooftop of your apartment and the only thing between you and this activity is a ladder - the commute of your camera isn't so bad. So, I bring you our Friday night picnic via my "real" camera.
 photo IMG_1896_zpsbe38253d.jpg  photo IMG_1897_zps1111eadf.jpg  photo IMG_1901_zps247db694.jpg  photo IMG_1902_zpsc60d1151.jpg  photo IMG_1899_zps308a896f.jpg  photo IMG_1905_zps8120f2de.jpg  photo IMG_1906_zps97bb67a5.jpg  photo IMG_1916_zps252e97ef.jpg  photo IMG_1919_zps258aa2af.jpg
Yep… these were taken by self timer. Cool.
 photo IMG_1925_zpsd00b370f.jpg  photo IMG_1927_zps6d69c5a9.jpg

Friday, August 8, 2014