Monday, April 9, 2018

Cherry Blossoms!

Peak bloom of the DC Cherry Blossoms is easily one of the things I look forward to most each year, and it's seriously one of the reasons I'm so glad to live back in the DC area. I always get a bit of anxiety since the dates frequently change and there's always some kind of last-minute winter storm threatening, but then they always arrive and are just as glorious as ever! Visiting the blooms requires a bit of strategy considering how inundated the city gets with tourists, but Aaron and I made our way down on Friday morning before work and were so pleased to easily get a parking spot and enjoy a leisurely walk around the fully-blooming Tidal Basin. To make it even better, we ran into some old friends from our life as newlyweds in Capitol Hill! While we have a lot more flower opportunities this spring / summer (lavender! sunflowers!) I'll still be looking forward to seeing these again next year. See last year's post HERE.
 photo IMG_8332_zpswl2r7nbx.jpg  photo IMG_8321-2_zpsbwcvuo0t.jpg  photo IMG_8319_zpsu152ekqa.jpg  photo IMG_8302_zpsui0yghvb.jpg  photo IMG_8279_zpsszlz2ytb.jpg  photo IMG_8273_zps1a5bobik.jpg
I'm wearing the ONA Campbell crossbody in desert rose :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Happy Spring!

It's that time of year where I seek out any and all flower opportunities, so I was thrilled to see these gorgeous blossoms on Instagram last week. I promptly asked the girl where I could find them and she was so kind to give me exact directions to the spot in Georgetown! Aaron and I both happened to have Good Friday off of work, meanwhile Hazel's daycare was open - WIN WIN! We decided to take ourselves on a day-date downtown for flowers and lunch at Little Pearl. Honestly, these were some of the most beautiful flowers I think I've EVER seen. They looked like a painting come to life and I seriously stood there in awe for several minutes (meanwhile frantically snapping pictures). The best part about it all is this is just the beginning! We're anticipating peak Cherry Blossom bloom on Friday, and DC is about to get more beautiful by the day. Happy Spring!
 photo IMG_7965_zpsfz9eqlvw.jpg  photo IMG_8001_zpsrezx3qxn.jpg  photo IMG_8016_zpsn6aljed5.jpg  photo IMG_8021_zpscuegb9ry.jpg  photo IMG_8025_zps8zkcfdpx.jpg

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Hazel Belle. 18 months.

18 months! Holy moly. I remember this time last year so clearly when she was turning 6 months old - it's hard to believe now we're already halfway to TWO. Everything they say is true, it really does go so fast! We really do try to make the most of each day with her, but the years seem to be going by in a blink just like everyone warned us they would. We've had a lot of fun with Hazel the past few months, and find her so enjoyable and funny at this age. I would be remiss not to mention she's entered full-fledge toddlerhood which can be challenging at times. Of course I'm so happy to have a strong-willed little girl, but the impatient, selfish part of me finds it difficult at times. Thankfully, she's really so sweet most of the time and the challenging parts of being a toddler will only last so long.

Development/Milestones: The best part of this stage is all her words! She's been chatting up a storm and can repeat almost every word we ask her to say. She's even started to string a few words together. The other day we heard her "counting" to three - she wasn't saying the words "one, two, three" but she definitely had the sing-songy cadence we use while counting. 

Eating: She's definitely gotten a little pickier, but we try to offer her all sorts of different things to keep it interesting.

Sleeping: She's down to one, two-hour nap and still sleeping around 11 hours a night. We're grateful for our good little sleeper :)

Likes and Demeanor: She's definitely forming more of an opinion, but it still a very go with the flow personality. She's also very expressive and makes the funniest little faces. A recent highlight was when she said "I luh you" unprompted to me the other day. Melt my heart! Other things she likes right now is playing catch (and carrying her ball everywhere), Elmo, taking baths, pointing out facial features, dogs ("goggy"), and all things mama and papa. We're having the best time with her!
 photo IMG_7914_zpsxq8x8rug.jpg  photo IMG_7919_zpsnnxkwkru.jpg  photo IMG_7948_zpsibhd37ra.jpg

Monday, March 26, 2018

Easy Weekends Together.

After several weekends of traveling in a row, we were finally free to take it easy and it was such a joy. We eased into Saturday with eggs and bacon, followed by a walk around our neighborhood to our town's weekly farmer's market. Even though it was chilly, the sun is so much warmer these days and it felt so good to be outside. Hazel was free to run around and Aaron and I sat and watched with a cup of pour over coffee to keep warm. We also spent an hour at the park on Sunday, and I couldn't help but capture how cute Hazel was on the playground - only made better by her adorable fur hood!  photo C204D828-0C0A-464A-9594-8AD7842E7459_zpsef2qm2y1.jpg  photo 6AD9783E-4A14-4F2E-8884-7E7E975A8CFA_zps1ncsszzm.jpg  photo 8529B810-A54E-437A-AAE5-8D5BDCC1C7D9_zpsygekilen.jpg  photo BC27AD90-BB7B-4DA3-8860-D58596E8E84E_zpsqls44aiq.jpg

Thursday, March 22, 2018

One last snow day.

I had kind of envisioned pictures of flowers and sunshine from here on out, but we were surprised with a snow storm two days into spring! While I would much rather start wearing dresses and seeing the cherry blossoms, it was kind of fun to play in the snow for one last time this year (this has to be the last one right?)
 photo IMG_7797_zpsivdon16s.jpg  photo IMG_7773_zps7uohsgav.jpg  photo IMG_7817_zps36h8edfj.jpg  photo IMG_7829_zpsu3cvhymj.jpg  photo IMG_7834_zpste7qux5e.jpg  photo IMG_7855_zpspqbpzwvo.jpg  photo IMG_7873_zpshg3hccmi.jpg

Friday, March 16, 2018

4th Annual Girls' Trip to San Diego and Torrey Pines!

After Christine's July move to San Diego, it was always in the back of my mind that I'd need to visit her at some point. Then after several weeks of navigating schedules and trying to figure out where we wanted to go for our girls' weekend this year, I randomly found a reasonable flight and it timed perfectly with her previous arrangements to stay at The Lodge at Torrey Pines.

We had grand visions of eating all the tacos, hot tubs, beach walks, and the Carlsbad flower fields, and we were lucky enough to get all of that despite the rainy weather passing through. It was such a treat to see Christine's new neighborhood (North Park!), and of course, document all the Instagrammable spots in her west coast life. While we didn't get that perfect San Diego weather on Saturday, the highlight of the trip was no doubt the 80-minute hot stone massage, along with the incredible dinner at A.R. Valentine where I tried my very first port with dessert!

I'm grateful for another memorable girls' weekend in the books, and I can't say enough about how wonderful our stay was at The Lodge at Torrey Pines. Rain or shine, that place is a gem and I hope we can get back there again soon. Thanks so much to Christine for hosting and organizing such a wonderful itinerary! See more of our girls' weekend recaps here, here, and here. Now... on to the pictures!  photo IMG_7264_zpso2fbtozo.jpg  photo IMG_7273_zps31sgzub3.jpg  photo IMG_7321_zpscgzrj6dj.jpg  photo IMG_7344_zpsxegmbc4u.jpg  photo IMG_7354_zpsbxdagozi.jpg  photo IMG_7366_zpsrna1ze6r.jpg  photo IMG_7369_zpsai4b3r3n.jpg  photo IMG_7412_zpstzoksfsd.jpg  photo IMG_7415_zpsaqjnddg5.jpg  photo IMG_7455_zpsvcnu0mhz.jpg  photo IMG_7482_zpspbjcli2j.jpg  photo IMG_7531_zpsencsu6qu.jpg  photo IMG_7544_zpsmcxetvwh.jpg  photo IMG_7555_zpsrgzyzhfg.jpg  photo IMG_7600_zpsqdkfdkem.jpg  photo IMG_7627_zpsnv36qxnm.jpg

The ones I love.

What a gift to witness them love one another.  photo IMG_6680_zpsudbcdslb.jpg  photo IMG_6692_zpsgghy47ee.jpg