Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Hazel at 21 months.

After a few challenging months, we've entered a really sweet stage with our little babe. She's curious ("what's dat?"), empathetic ("you ok?"), and silly - constantly making us laugh! She fiercely loves her blankie and her grandpas, and knows all the names of people in our family. We're consistently surprised at all the things she knows - she's a little sponge picking up on everything we say and do. Every day when we get home from daycare she asks, "outside?", and these moments have become some of my favorite with her. I'm certain there will be other challenging stages ahead, but for now I'm soaking up all the goodness of this one.
 photo IMG_0059_zps5xjqel28.jpg  photo IMG_0085_zps0cw5ymhy.jpg  photo IMG_0092_zpsqtu3xt2e.jpg  photo IMG_0110_zpswadcguwq.jpg  photo IMG_0112_zpsjeznhltw.jpg  photo IMG_0116_zpswcujmplc.jpg

Monday, June 18, 2018

Happy Father's Day, Aaron!

We had the best day celebrating the guy who makes our world go round. His one request was BBQ at Myron Mixon's in Old Town Alexandria and I was happy to oblige - just like he's always happy to stop for all the photo ops with me :) BBQ and a stroll around Old Town made for the perfect day with my people. Your girls love you so much, Aaron!
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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Strawberry Picking!

Nothing says summer quite like strawberry picking in the sticky heat. So grateful to be making these memories with my little family.
 photo IMG_9805_zpshez0itmq.jpg  photo IMG_9813_zpsfqyonden.jpg  photo IMG_9829_zps5clyoyqe.jpg  photo IMG_9847_zps610kci1r.jpg  photo IMG_9895_zpsodwoklmm.jpg  photo IMG_9900_zpsdlsufbsz.jpg  photo IMG_9908_zps8glmkp7z.jpg  photo IMG_9911_zpsq4eerpuu.jpg  photo IMG_9914_zpshxbcpdrp.jpg  photo IMG_9955_zpsogj0zsav.jpg  photo IMG_9960_zpsz5va0t05.jpg  photo IMG_9965_zpsjsacdbu7.jpg  photo IMG_9978_zpswnnjxm2p.jpg

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

My 30th Birthday!

A few months ago Aaron started asking me what I might want to do to celebrate turning 30 and truly the only thing I wanted was a night away with him. We spend so much time together, even now with a baby, yet time with him - especially over a good meal - is still my favorite thing. We decided to book a night at The Line Hotel in Adams Morgan, which was just as fabulous as everyone had said. I stay in a lot of cool hotels for my job, and this one joined the ranks for sure!

We also had the chance to finally dine at A Rake's Progress where all the food is sourced from the Chesapeake Bay region - all within a 150 mile radius. Needless to say, everything was phenomenal. From the cocktails and food, to the service and atmosphere - we were wowed and can't wait to go back!

The next morning, we "slept in" until 7:30 (haha) and enjoyed a coffee as we slowly got ready for the day. There's something to be said about starting the day slowly that you can't quite do with a toddler in tow. We eventually made our way to Le Diplomate where we enjoyed a decedent brunch, and afterward we worked off our meal by biking to the National Portrait Gallery and on to Capitol Hill. It was absolutely the best way we could have celebrated and I feel so refreshed and loved going into this next decade. I'm excited to see what's in store - I can only hope it includes many more nights away with my love.
 photo F69B7142-2E79-4115-BEE4-D3C92B891EAA_zpsxrpvuzaj.jpg  photo Facetune_01-06-2018-19-42-40_zpsxs5qx0hh.jpg  photo 13F28322-E4DA-4DFC-B465-2AF6692E8163_zps14vj29ml.jpg  photo B0F57387-82DF-4D70-9BCC-7BDC50EFF77B_zps6njchtfk.jpg  photo 5CB48856-EFB6-462E-B4D6-77225678B61F_zps55pq2wqh.jpg  photo 8B4B9434-DCAA-4C47-8878-8FC45226FDDC_zps2eeox1pc.jpg  photo 182884E0-CCDE-463E-9EB1-453790234429_zps4amjtw6i.jpg  photo 2072720B-B489-438E-ADB9-A2798839B4AB_zpsvchim3d7.jpg  photo BFAE8443-0F02-4974-A246-37B60BC0393D_zpspoxm9hlu.jpg  photo IMG_9294_zpsdb14xi5e.jpg

Monday, June 4, 2018

Monday, May 14, 2018

Backyard Happy Hour.

Now that the weather is FINALLY nice, with longer days that are warm until the last drop, we've been making it a point to spend as much time outside as possible. We're so lucky to have a gorgeous (albeit tiny) backyard, and "backyard happy hour" has become our favorite part of the day. With everything in full bloom, I couldn't help but take a few pictures last week. Cheers!  photo IMG_9357_zps9eru1vpd.jpg  photo IMG_9371_zps7zbkydvj.jpg  photo IMG_9411_zps0c8obniw.jpg  photo IMG_9426_zpsl9b4qv0u.jpg  photo Facetune_11-05-2018-18-22-17_zpsvnftguep.jpg  photo IMG_9456_zpsjpjrmlma.jpg

Mother's Day.

For Mother's Day, all I really wanted was a delicious brunch outing and time together. Aaron and Hazel delivered on both, and it was just the low-key weekend I had hoped for.

As I reflected on motherhood over the weekend, I was struck by the fact that yes, motherhood is hard -  but not harder than I expected (yet, at least). But it IS far more fun than I ever anticipated! There are certainly days where I miss our "freedom" and the ability to be as spontaneous, but I don't think I've ever laughed harder, and I constantly marvel at the fact that I MADE A LITTLE HUMAN. Seeing her personality emerge, and getting to enjoy her everyday is such a gift, and worth every bit of hardship that comes along with it.
 photo IMG_9474_zpsofcrdsxo.jpg  photo IMG_9480_zpsmycgpjir.jpg  photo IMG_9487_zpsxegpqe6r.jpg  photo IMG_9493_zps792uodaa.jpg  photo IMG_9501_zpsde8knmzw.jpg  photo IMG_9521_zpshmqkjxb0.jpg  photo IMG_9535_zpseml1h0kv.jpg  photo IMG_9537_zpsiwomrfy0.jpg