Thursday, March 5, 2015

Newport, Rhode Island.

Aaron so sweetly surprised me with a Valentine's Day getaway to Newport, RI this year - the funny thing is, I'm so bad at letting the guy surprise me that somehow I got it out of him way before he had planned to tell me. Oops :)

He booked the trip right before we decided to move and once the weekend finally came around it felt like terrible timing to leave the city - so much so that we even tried to cancel since we knew we'd want to spend money on new things for our home and not a vacation. As luck would have it, the hotel booking was non-refundable so we made the trip and are so glad for it! After a stressful few weeks thinking about our upcoming move it was just what we needed to get out of the city and just be together. I highly recommend the gorgeous Castle Hill Inn where we stayed. We had a cozy oceanfront cottage, they served afternoon tea everyday, and all of the meals we ate there were amazing. It's a quick 3 hour drive from the city and I'm already looking forward to going back sometime!
 photo IMG_4537_zpskbxs9n6p.jpg  photo IMG_4582_zpsccyxg6fh.jpg  photo IMG_4580_zpslu4n2igm.jpg  photo IMG_4618_zpsoeg5ejlp.jpg  photo IMG_4622_zpsiyuqujxv.jpg  photo IMG_4650_zpshrvju7xg.jpg  photo IMG_4641_zps9qmexmdl.jpg  photo IMG_4835_zps3gqv4cym.jpg  photo IMG_4691-2_zps8vlyolzf.jpg  photo IMG_4695_zps166ikrol.jpg  photo IMG_4704_zpsrrlq9fha.jpg  photo IMG_4706_zpshqrmv2gj.jpg  photo IMG_4767_zps9hmhlqfh.jpg  photo IMG_4787_zpsqavldumo.jpg  photo IMG_4792_zpsmtvsbzvp.jpg  photo IMG_4800_zpszplkhkib.jpg  photo IMG_4817_zpsflslyiin.jpg  photo IMG_4819_zpsuhlto0fw.jpg  photo IMG_4831_zps7ejcrfi3.jpg

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"Blizzard" of 2015!

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of snow. Growing up, I lived for snow days and playing outside. We had a huge sledding hill behind our house, and I was convinced my parents chose our house because of the prime sledding ;) I've continued to love it into my adulthood, and last year during the first snow of the year Aaron and I had one of the most memorable nights in the city. We were practically alone in Central Park and we definitely put the "frolic" into Eat Sleep Frolic. Winter in New York can be pretty rough, so when all is momentarily calm and covered in white, it can give the city a new life during some of the bleaker months. I was quite excited at the prospect of winter storm Juno, and although it wasn't as monumental as expected, the snowy beauty did not disappoint. It may be because I don't have to shovel a thing, but I say keep the snowing coming!
 photo IMG_4431_zps8jlnakv4.jpg  photo IMG_4434_zpsrcmmhi2h.jpg  photo IMG_4436_zpsrow1jc02.jpg  photo IMG_4441_zpshqjz4pfy.jpg  photo IMG_4451_zps82jiftwh.jpg  photo IMG_4454_zpsyl8odrqu.jpg  photo IMG_4456_zpsg3hgdzkj.jpg  photo IMG_4467_zpsb5kve5pv.jpg  photo IMG_4478_zpsmivrwkqf.jpg

Friday, January 16, 2015


Aaron reminded me the other day that I hadn't yet posted about our final stop on our European adventure last spring… Tuscany! It was the most relaxing part of the trip and a wonderful way to round out all the adventures we'd had the days before. We stayed 3 nights in a picture-perfect bed and breakfast located near the hill-top town of Montepulciano. The place looked like it had been taken straight out of an Anthropologie catalog, and it provided the ideal setting for drinking local wine while reading and watching the baby chicks! Not only was the setting beautiful, but the hosts were so kind. Thanks to their great recommendations, we ate some of the best meals of our life and I discovered my new favorite pasta dish - cacio e pepe! Its basically a grown up version of macaroni and cheese. SO GOOD. We brought back some pasta and I've created it a few times since being home. Obviously not nearly as good, but it does the job!
 photo IMG_1409_zpscbcf631c.jpg  photo IMG_1410_zpsd3c7f3d8.jpg  photo IMG_1422_zps071f9e0c.jpg  photo IMG_1428_zps5842c8c4.jpg  photo IMG_1430_zpsb9f9bbb1.jpg  photo IMG_1436_zpsb309ae33.jpg  photo IMG_1437_zpsdde467e8.jpg  photo IMG_1440_zps02987bd5.jpg  photo IMG_1444_zpsba6a1495.jpg  photo IMG_1461_zps8d8b0fe5.jpg  photo IMG_1472_zps82d0d3ea.jpg  photo IMG_1508_zps18defc17.jpg  photo IMG_1523_zps65a74f84.jpg  photo IMG_1539_zps0307beb8.jpg  photo IMG_1576_zpsdaf924a5.jpg  photo IMG_1594_zpsa7cf6061.jpg  photo IMG_1667_zps5143a410.jpg  photo IMG_1675_zps098dc18b.jpg  photo IMG_1681_zps6e2131cf.jpg  photo IMG_1702_zps121758ab.jpg  photo IMG_1711_zpsd63a0bc7.jpg

Friday, January 9, 2015

Snow day!

The best thing about Fridays (other than it being Friday) is that I work from home. I absolutely love work-from-home Fridays for an abundance of reasons, but the main one is having time for a walk in Central Park before work begins. Today I woke up with the surprise of snow and couldn't get ready fast enough to get outside. I know I'll probably complain about the snow later on this winter, but there's nothing like the first real snow of the season. It doesn't hurt that Central Park is gorgeous regardless, but the addition of snow made this morning one of my favorites.
 photo photo2-39_zps3cffb93c.jpg  photo photo1-40_zps0b391ee2.jpg  photo photo1-39_zps50a83f7d.jpg  photo photo5-6_zpsbb5b2cc4.jpg  photo photo2-38_zps7ff532ea.jpg  photo photo3-27_zps0ca40138.jpg