Friday, March 16, 2018

4th Annual Girls' Trip to San Diego and Torrey Pines!

After Christine's July move to San Diego, it was always in the back of my mind that I'd need to visit her at some point. Then after several weeks of navigating schedules and trying to figure out where we wanted to go for our girls' weekend this year, I randomly found a reasonable flight and it timed perfectly with her previous arrangements to stay at The Lodge at Torrey Pines.

We had grand visions of eating all the tacos, hot tubs, beach walks, and the Carlsbad flower fields, and we were lucky enough to get all of that despite the rainy weather passing through. It was such a treat to see Christine's new neighborhood (North Park!), and of course, document all the Instagrammable spots in her west coast life. While we didn't get that perfect San Diego weather on Saturday, the highlight of the trip was no doubt the 80-minute hot stone massage, along with the incredible dinner at A.R. Valentine where I tried my very first port with dessert!

I'm grateful for another memorable girls' weekend in the books, and I can't say enough about how wonderful our stay was at The Lodge at Torrey Pines. Rain or shine, that place is a gem and I hope we can get back there again soon. Thanks so much to Christine for hosting and organizing such a wonderful itinerary! See more of our girls' weekend recaps here, here, and here. Now... on to the pictures!  photo IMG_7264_zpso2fbtozo.jpg  photo IMG_7273_zps31sgzub3.jpg  photo IMG_7321_zpscgzrj6dj.jpg  photo IMG_7344_zpsxegmbc4u.jpg  photo IMG_7354_zpsbxdagozi.jpg  photo IMG_7366_zpsrna1ze6r.jpg  photo IMG_7369_zpsai4b3r3n.jpg  photo IMG_7412_zpstzoksfsd.jpg  photo IMG_7415_zpsaqjnddg5.jpg  photo IMG_7455_zpsvcnu0mhz.jpg  photo IMG_7482_zpspbjcli2j.jpg  photo IMG_7531_zpsencsu6qu.jpg  photo IMG_7544_zpsmcxetvwh.jpg  photo IMG_7555_zpsrgzyzhfg.jpg  photo IMG_7600_zpsqdkfdkem.jpg  photo IMG_7627_zpsnv36qxnm.jpg

The ones I love.

What a gift to witness them love one another.  photo IMG_6680_zpsudbcdslb.jpg  photo IMG_6692_zpsgghy47ee.jpg

Friday, March 9, 2018

RW Guild in New York.

During my visit to the city last week, I couldn't wait to get over to the new RW Guild, which is conveniently just a few steps from the ONA office in Soho. Roman and Williams is a firm famous for meticulously designing some of the most renowned restaurants in New York, and this cafe is no different. While I really enjoyed the oat milk latte, I think what I loved the most was how the space had a rich patina as if it had been here for years. I also couldn't get over the gorgeous flower shop in the corner - just another reason to love New York!
 photo 5660AC00-6444-4052-BD43-D9840098AE72_zpsrqcj7syy.jpg  photo 30C50413-3870-4DF3-9647-BF33DAA24FE3_zps9ifpct4r.jpg  photo 15A4D41A-90C0-4B95-B57D-F75003212170_zpsjuruwxaj.jpg  photo 2D1ECF1A-26E6-489E-ABAC-9884500582E6_zpsszlowxvx.jpg  photo 2FD79FA4-B327-4C1E-AEC1-1D366DE58403_zpsuvxohpbm.jpg

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Los Angeles.

I'm currently in LA for a quick work trip to visit some of my customers, and I made it a point to take a few hours for an adventure in Venice after two days of back to back meetings. I was completely charmed by this area, and was so happy to sit on the beach in 60 degree weather knowing I'll be back in 20 degrees in a few short hours.
 photo 380D1EFA-3671-488E-99E8-4497F5E163D9_zpskwlbpdjo.jpg  photo 017448E0-CF64-4A7D-8D8A-AB4AE94D118C-2_zpsv4zi6ngy.jpg  photo 6AC28871-99ED-4F61-9861-FCA2EE18030A_zpsrtt1hxv2.jpg  photo 6BAF9DD3-B1D4-43E6-A85F-FBEAF8FA4770_zpsrsmphral.jpg  photo IMG_5813_zpslnyahtoz.jpg  photo E6DF5601-5459-4699-B877-732B5A3384CD_zpsyftpyztl.jpg  photo Facetune_14-02-2018-07-17-59_zpsh6eqn841.jpg  photo 6424241F-DBE5-47C2-A78D-0A6027DC3403_zpslyuncbkj.jpg

Friday, February 2, 2018

First Snow of the Season.

From a few weeks back when we got our first snow of the season. Unsurprisingly, Hazel loved the snow and I loved an excuse to photograph her in this little pom-pom hat!
 photo IMG_5904_zpsrcwlikg6.jpg  photo IMG_5910_zps2ixgnf6g.jpg  photo IMG_5919_zpskclhhloy.jpg  photo IMG_5930_zpshxbf88pa.jpg  photo IMG_5980_zpsxmstkezw.jpg

Hazel's 1st Birthday Party!

In things that are WAY overdue, blogging about Hazel's first birthday! We had a simple, backyard party on a beautiful September Saturday with family and a few close friends to celebrate one-year of life with Hazel Belle. It was a sweet evening, and just what I had hoped. The best part was how much she loved her cake... surprise, surprise! It was what 1st birthday dreams are made of!
 photo IMG_3276_zpsuyawkikl.jpg  photo IMG_3299_zpsndovsyzg.jpg  photo IMG_3302_zpsqh4l2edo.jpg  photo IMG_3395_zpsmbukgfge.jpg  photo IMG_3405_zpsluenoxey.jpg  photo IMG_3459_zpsun9bjqnq.jpg  photo IMG_3433_zps6zq8orfa.jpg  photo IMG_3493_zps5oviaspl.jpg  photo IMG_3505_zps63rmefut.jpg  photo IMG_3541_zpsfzimlv0f.jpg  photo IMG_3610_zps3w0fpzlq.jpg  photo IMG_3665_zpsq6lmvy7p.jpg

Hazel Belle. 16 months.

Well, it's be a hot minute since I did a little Hazel update, but she is just too much fun at this stage to not get some of it down in writing. She keeps us laughing constantly, and it's just a real joy to live life with her. We honestly get excited when she wakes up in the morning - she is a true joy to us.

Development/Milestones: This has been such a fun stage developmentally! She's learning SO many words, and making real connections. She repeats one and two syllable words we say, and babbles seemingly full sentences at us - it's so funny! She also knows some French words that she's picked up at daycare. I'm loving seeing her be a complete sponge.

Eating: She's a pretty good eater, and will try most things we give her. We were most surprised when she DEVOURED broccoli recently, and she loves salmon and other types of fish. We try to stay away from sweets, but on the special occasion when there are sweets around, it's hilarious to watch her light up while eating!

Sleeping: She's still a great little sleeper. She's usually put down by 7:30 and wakes up at 7:00. We are SO grateful. 

Likes and Demeanor: I think my favorite thing that's happening these days is witnessing how much she LOVES her blankie. She sleeps with it, drags it all around the house, and refers to it as "banky". It's all too cute for my blankie-loving heart. She also loves to read, and amazingly, is able to find a specific book off her shelf if we recite a few lines from it!

 photo IMG_6549_zpsayxbzyob.jpg  photo IMG_6606_zps9mwet7cr.jpg  photo IMG_6658_zpsdykggtp4.jpg