Friday, August 3, 2018

A weekend getaway to Monterey, Virginia.

We recently spent two incredible days enjoying the simple life in Highland County, Virginia. With no cell service or bustling town for entertainment, we were able to truly reset and enjoy each other's company. We woke up both mornings for sunrise and stayed up to watch the stars. There was a full moon one evening and I'll never forget how peaceful it was to see it rise over the mountain.

We spent the majority of the time on the front porch, and loved having so much space to frolic and relax. Definitely one of the best parts were ALL THE ANIMALS! I wouldn't even call myself an animal lover, but it turns out chickens and alpacas are hilarious! I'm sure Hazel's antics and excitement made it that much funnier, but it was still more entertaining than I had anticipated. While these pictures don't show some of the stressful parts of the trip (hello ER the night before we left, Hazel getting car sick, and general life with a toddler), I know we'll look back so fondly on this little family getaway.
 photo IMG_1574_zpshnwdfsa8.jpg  photo IMG_1596_zpshxxbk1jk.jpg  photo IMG_1612_zpsokgkygjz.jpg  photo IMG_1692_zpswdome7a4.jpg  photo IMG_1699_zpsbotgmytw.jpg  photo IMG_1716_zpsjvmazyhu.jpg  photo IMG_1718_zpsldsdnkqo.jpg  photo IMG_1729_zpsjproxkxw.jpg  photo IMG_1751_zps7ib4nxkb.jpg  photo IMG_1787_zpsnp1vft8n.jpg  photo IMG_1794_zpsddl1slhn.jpg  photo IMG_1801_zpstcq3w2vf.jpg  photo IMG_1839_zps5dtplnei.jpg  photo IMG_1847_zpsxs7slovp.jpg  photo IMG_1874_zpsqnufrcnf.jpg  photo IMG_1885_zpskkmpbz7v.jpg  photo IMG_1904_zps5hjj3cd3.jpg  photo IMG_1936_zps7ctdluss.jpg  photo IMG_1947_zpsyqjp9jfi.jpg  photo IMG_1959_zpsmyf7u2xr.jpg  photo IMG_1964_zpsexxpxha7.jpg  photo IMG_2012_zpsuodpelmi.jpg  photo IMG_2026_zpsr8d3zeof.jpg


You can always count on an annual sunflower blog post from me! Peak sunflower day is right up there with Christmas morning, and we were lucky enough to have them all to ourselves this year. These are the perks of peak bloom falling on a weekday (versus last year when it was insanely crowded)! As always, I'm already looking forward to next summer's bloom!
 photo IMG_1305_zpsbufi8wap.jpg  photo IMG_1313_zpsi0mnpgsn.jpg  photo IMG_1316_zpssfe2xd81.jpg  photo IMG_1351_zpsoblicbhy.jpg  photo IMG_1373_zpsad4yqx77.jpg  photo IMG_1385_zpsl79rmyrp.jpg  photo IMG_1331_zps7smd27yl.jpg

Monday, July 2, 2018

A Saturday in Middleburg, Virginia.

There is something about the sweet Virginia town of Middleburg that draws me in every summer. Maybe it's because I can finally see how one would choose to live this far out when everything is green and the rolling hills go on for miles. While I don't see us ever doing so, it's always a treat to make the hour-long journey to enjoy it for an afternoon. This time we walked down Main Street, picked up a scoop of ice cream, and eventually made our way to the adorable Brassica's for lunch - just down the road in Aldie. All very much a picture perfect way to spend a summer Saturday!
 photo IMG_0695_zps5lwyrql0.jpg  photo IMG_0699_zpsfg59uaaz.jpg  photo IMG_0701_zpsitpbfs5e.jpg  photo IMG_0709_zpsraaqtky1.jpg  photo IMG_0714_zpsxwzpukpx.jpg  photo IMG_0758_zpsycstdgx2.jpg  photo IMG_0780_zps7sncdknf.jpg  photo IMG_0789_zpstgnpo9mk.jpg  photo IMG_0809_zpsm22ndyef.jpg

Wild and wonderful West Virginia.

I'm still thinking about the amazing West Virginia getaway we had with my college BFF, Natalie, and her cute little family. Since we live so far apart, we've made it a point to see each other at a minimum once a year and it's always such a treat. We're so fortunate to be able to pick right up where we left off, and even more so to have husbands who like each other a lot, too! To mix things up this time, we met halfway in Elkins, West Virgina for a weekend in the woods. It's unfortunate that WV has an interesting reputation, because as it turns out, it's GORGEOUS. We were all pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the landscapes were - and ultimately, how friendly everyone was! This weekend was full of so many great memories - from getting caught in the pouring rain, to seeing Nora take her first steps! I'm also still laughing about all the evening hot tub conversations we had. Such good times with some of our favorite people! Can't wait to see where we meet next :)
 photo IMG_0271_zpsvrru25ej.jpg  photo IMG_0280_zpsdafybcoe.jpg  photo IMG_0285_zpsbpumy5tc.jpg  photo IMG_0327_zpsjfj5tw1w.jpg  photo IMG_0330_zpsam3fun2i.jpg  photo IMG_0340_zps2m2nijzo.jpg  photo IMG_0347_zpszvhwlpxj.jpg  photo IMG_0355_zpsgjsdzpde.jpg  photo IMG_0371_zps6qxquxat.jpg  photo IMG_0378_zpsgay7reuf.jpg  photo IMG_0380_zpsqrrn5bcg.jpg  photo IMG_0395_zpspa0ng7e8.jpg  photo IMG_0398_zps9ucdgsb4.jpg  photo IMG_0421_zpsstbxsrt2.jpg  photo IMG_0427_zpsjzwrvptv.jpg  photo IMG_0439_zps3hqpju46.jpg  photo IMG_0494_zpsjut7270i.jpg  photo IMG_0496_zps5m1r14hk.jpg  photo IMG_0530_zpsb3nb5tsx.jpg  photo IMG_0218_zpsutbajdmi.jpg  photo IMG_0580_zpsjgy22ypo.jpg