Saturday, July 22, 2017


I'm completely serious when I say I look forward to this day all year. There is a 30 acre field of sunflowers just a half an hour away, and I've been anticipating this since our visit last summer. My friend Christine and I always joke about how flower anxiety is a real thing - we're either afraid we'll miss peak bloom, or when we go everyone else in the world will be there, too. The fears were real this year as peak bloom happened on a Saturday and there were multiple news stories about the blooming flowers. I knew we'd be in for a crowd, so we headed there around 9AM. We shouldn't have been surprised, but A LOT of other people had the same idea. Thankfully, with 30 acres to work with, there were plenty of flowers to go around and it was just as magical as it looks. Giddy doesn't even begin to describe how I felt, and Hazel loved them, too. See you next year, sunflowers!  photo IMG_0918_zpscefifmxq.jpg  photo IMG_0920_zpsr43qwirt.jpg  photo IMG_0925_zpsmbeal0ah.jpg  photo IMG_0935_zpskjz32o1i.jpg  photo IMG_0957_zpswvadi1iv.jpg  photo IMG_0967_zpse0lh6vx5.jpg  photo IMG_0979_zpscwgbcakn.jpg  photo IMG_0984_zpsgn1yd9ro.jpg  photo IMG_0992_zpstospgeax.jpg  photo IMG_0999_zpsufizvhbg.jpg  photo IMG_1020_zpsrtgm4rmx.jpg  photo IMG_1028_zpsxeibuzfg.jpg  photo IMG_1039_zpsofhtvd0i.jpg

Friday, July 14, 2017

4th of July Parade!

Every year the town of Bethany Beach has a lively 4th of July parade - which includes a bike parade - and this year we decided to join! We decked ourselves from head to toe in red, white, and blue and had the most fun walking in the parade. Hazel recently learned how to wave, and it was the best seeing her wave to the people as we walked by in the wagon. Her and Sully were definite crowd pleasers!
 photo IMG_0513_zpsreboenml.jpg  photo IMG_0545_zpsffknv8kl.jpg  photo IMG_0592_zpsflau1swn.jpg  photo IMG_0609_zps2d9gllh4.jpg  photo IMG_0619_zpsltn9gu66.jpg  photo IMG_0642_zpsxm82ldcw.jpg  photo IMG_0671_zpswij72l82.jpg  photo IMG_0687_zpsbe54q5as.jpg  photo IMG_0697_zps5pieswko.jpg  photo IMG_0728_zpsjp4hpj8o.jpg

9 months of Hazel.

Welp, I meant to post this like three weeks ago, but here we go...!

Development/Milestones: We officially have a crawler! It's a combination of being the cutest and most nerve-wracking thing. I love seeing her explore and get around by herself, but I've also never been more aware of all things in our house that aren't baby-friendly. Hazel has also continued to find her voice and is saying things like "da-da", "ga-ga", and "ba-ba" regularly. She also waves hello and goodbye on cue, knows what we mean when we say "no" and is growing like a weed. At her 9 month appointment she weighed 20lbs and her head is in the 98th percentile - hilarious!

Eating: She has started really enjoying solid foods and we're giving her more stuff that isn't pureed. She's able to use her pincher fingers to grab small bites and is becoming more independent with feeding herself.

Sleeping: Still a great sleeper! I'll say it till the day we die, WE ARE GRATEFUL.

Likes and Demeanor: She's definitely becoming more opinionated and Aaron and I have joked that parents always say "they are developing a personality" when really they mean their child is being SASSY. I have to say, I really like that we have a strong, spirited girl and I hope she remains this way. Other than her developing "personality" she is still content most of the time. She definitely still loves to be held, and I find that she's the most calm when I'm carrying her around.
 photo IMG_0306_zpsljf71gda.jpg  photo IMG_0305_zpsb4kt1iuz.jpg

Monday, June 26, 2017

Middleburg, Virginia.

A few weeks ago while on a flight returning from Seattle, I sat next to an older woman who raved about her small village in northern Virginia called Middleburg. I had heard a thing or two about it previously, but after some solid recommendations and a free weekend ahead, we decided to take a day trip out there on Saturday. Honestly, I wasn't sure if it would live up the hype (that I had mostly created in my head), but then IT DID. We pretty much do this everywhere we go, but we couldn't help but drive by a few houses for sale because we loved it so much. We stopped at the Red Fox Inn and Tavern on the main street for brunch, where I had a blood orange mimosa and fried green tomato eggs benedict. We then walked off our brunch through the adorable main street before taking a leisurely drive around the area. The glimpses of the Shenandoah Mountains were the cherry on top! I'm already scheming about how we can get back out there for a night away soon.  photo IMG_0327_zpsfl3qz8cj.jpg  photo IMG_0328_zpsoakvw7lo.jpg  photo IMG_0333_zpss6uawobq.jpg  photo IMG_0446_zpsoo6tdvxo.jpg  photo IMG_0337_zpst759mcpy.jpg  photo IMG_0344_zpstqkghf3u.jpg  photo IMG_0377_zpsg8hx3pu8.jpg  photo IMG_0457_zpswzcfxocr.jpg  photo IMG_0463_zpssirgs3zv.jpg  photo IMG_0466_zpsjqkj3fmw.jpg  photo IMG_0494_zps0jzstcrj.jpg

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lavender fields for my birthday.

If this is 29, sign me up! Last year it was strawberry picking, and this year it was frolicking on a lavender farm. Really all I could ask for is a sunny, breezy Saturday to spend time outside with my little family. I'm very thankful, and am ready to see all that is in store for 29.
 photo IMG_9994_zpssuwl4lxi.jpg  photo IMG_9999_zpshjmhcr22.jpg  photo IMG_0043_zps7fvaltbs.jpg  photo IMG_0046_zpsmelgt6sh.jpg  photo IMG_0057_zpsmp7q3olj.jpg  photo IMG_0068_zpscz66iaxa.jpg  photo IMG_0075_zpsrkr0gc7n.jpg  photo IMG_0080_zpsmgt0hvwp.jpg  photo IMG_0119_zpscjwgnu5i.jpg  photo IMG_0146_zps9jhc0yf8.jpg

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mother's Day in Charleston, SC.

Our JetBlue points came through for us again when we were able to book a long weekend in Charleston for Mother's Day. I am a firm believer in experiences over things (although, I do like a new thing now and then...) and this was the perfect way to celebrate my first Mother's Day. Neither of us had spent any significant time in Charleston and the South felt like it was calling our names. As soon as we landed on Friday evening we drove straight to Lewis Barbecue and had hands down the best brisket of our lives. We also really enjoyed the idyllic yet laid back atmosphere and would highly recommend popping in here for a hearty meal! We woke up the next day to a bit of rain, but made our way out to find some coffee and breakfast at Black Tap. I had heard great things, and now have them to thank for introducing me to the deliciousness that is a lavender latte. We spent the majority of the day walking the streets and admiring all of the beautiful homes in the historic district. We had Hazel facing outward in the Ergo carrier and she was quite popular amongst all the sweet southern folk! I mean, I think she's the cutest baby around but we've never had so many people stop to fawn over her. For lunch we were lucky enough to get a table at the famed restaurant Husk, and enjoyed a cocktail on their porch while we waited for our table. While the food was quite good, we both felt it had been over-hyped and ended up having even better meals during the course of our trip. After a long day of exploring, we ended it with Jeni's Ice Cream and a pizza from Monza to take back to the hotel with us.

We woke up early on Mother's Day (thanks, Hazel!) and headed out to Hominy Grill to meet my friend Sarah and her husband Cam. It was so lovely to catch up with them and to talk all things baby since they're expecting their first any day now! After our brunch, we drove out to Sullivan's Island and detoured through the beautiful Mount Pleasant neighborhood to do some casual house-ogling. Once out on Sullivan's Island, we took a walk on the beach and popped into The Obstinate Daughter for a snack and a cocktail - highly recommend! Later on, we headed back into Charleston and finished the day with an amazing dinner at The Ordinary - a restaurant we'd go back to again and again.

We had a few hours to kill on Monday before our flight so we picked up breakfast at The Daily and took a quick drive to Angel Oak, a 400 year old tree! On our way back through town, we stopped for a walk along the water and had a delicious lunch at Xiao Bao Biscuit. By now you're probably thinking about how much food we ate during this trip, and it's seriously true. Charleston is such a foodie destination and we enjoyed every minute of it! See below for some of our trip...
 photo IMG_2927_zpsf7z8inhl.jpg  photo IMG_2938_zps6ehhiyik.jpg  photo IMG_2947_zpsiti4gy0c.jpg  photo IMG_2953_zpsodlzvdt7.jpg  photo IMG_2976_zpsuvkyesjc.jpg  photo IMG_2982_zpshyrocwhx.jpg  photo IMG_2984_zpscdjr04jz.jpg  photo IMG_2990_zps3gowf49x.jpg  photo IMG_3012_zpsvpw5ozn5.jpg  photo IMG_3044_zpscrvvejzc.jpg  photo IMG_3050_zps8ij6cmqs.jpg  photo IMG_3065_zpsepynlmuo.jpg  photo IMG_3076_zpscuajrnli.jpg  photo IMG_3113_zpss7jpdfxv.jpg  photo IMG_3121_zpshx0ieebo.jpg  photo IMG_3137_zpsxq7aoke8.jpg  photo IMG_3146_zps3lh6oeiq.jpg  photo IMG_3194_zpsgyqghkek.jpg  photo IMG_3208_zpshg2xs9cl.jpg  photo IMG_3221_zpsrmfvo6jy.jpg  photo IMG_3237_zps5qp5qh37.jpg