Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Our Baby Shower!

It's no surprise at this point that my sister is an expert party planner and I have pictures here to prove it! When we started talking about the shower a few months ago I knew I wanted Aaron to be a part (it's his baby too, after all!) so a co-ed fiesta was the direction she headed. After all sorts of planning and purchasing, my sister and Sam opened their home to around 50 people who came to celebrate baby Wishart. We joked that it was like having another wedding! The afternoon was so much fun, with delicious food, amazing decoration and detail, and so many people we love in one place. Our baby girl was showered with SO many wonderful gifts and we left feeling overwhelmed with love and support as we head into this next phase of life. Thank you so much, Sees! It was the best day.
 photo IMG_6502_zpsqqnfm5nm.jpg  photo IMG_6493_zpsts0t7h9y.jpg  photo IMG_6495_zpsgx7jpvhl.jpg  photo IMG_6496_zpsxspsb7ly.jpg  photo IMG_6508_zpswn8lofhh.jpg  photo IMG_6517_zpskgmxoth8.jpg  photo IMG_6531_zpskv9ydtjl.jpg  photo IMG_6533_zpsshwvixph.jpg  photo IMG_6546_zpsyy5pviay.jpg  photo IMG_6556_zpsrpp1ntep.jpg  photo IMG_6574_zpseh3bcf7h.jpg  photo IMG_6601_zpsztuhjay6.jpg  photo IMG_6630_zpsf7vopb7i.jpg  photo IMG_6617_zpschl2pzbh.jpg  photo IMG_6633_zpsls9qv29j.jpg  photo IMG_6645_zps7segolk2.jpg

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Iceland. Part 2.

On our second day we decided to drive the famous Golden Circle, and somehow lucked out with the prettiest weather! We always seem to have bad luck with weather while traveling (does anyone remember our Grand Canyon trip?) and I think it was even raining at home, so we felt super grateful for the sunshine. Because of that, we wanted to pack as much into this day as possible. The Golden Circle is a loop in the western part of the country comprised of some of the most popular sights. The entire route is ridiculously scenic and we found ourselves stopping off to take pictures every few miles. Gulfoss (the waterfall) was the absolute highlight, although we were surprised by how much we enjoyed Stokkur which erupts every 5-10 minutes. Neither of us had seen a geyser before and the anticipation before each eruption was such a thrill. Every time it made the crowd squeal!
 photo IMG_5738_zpsebe7rnr3.jpg  photo IMG_5735_zpsg7ztdute.jpg  photo IMG_5726_zps5c5pelwc.jpg  photo IMG_5713_zpsqkbxpdi7.jpg  photo IMG_5709_zpsbopp2v4e.jpg  photo IMG_5722_zpsuh8dowg7.jpg  photo IMG_5750_zpsczqrh7v3.jpg  photo IMG_5757_zpsu7ltjvun.jpg  photo IMG_5764_zpsiwkvvz1q.jpg  photo IMG_5773_zps8if8nwai.jpg  photo IMG_5793_zps3ln0bc7h.jpg  photo IMG_5830_zpsqsd6h96i.jpg  photo IMG_5822_zpsqfvfcbc3.jpg  photo IMG_5797_zpspddve0y0.jpg  photo IMG_5862_zps5k8zfvpi.jpg  photo IMG_5867_zpsapkm3lve.jpg

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Iceland. Part 1.

It's about time I blog about our amazing trip to Iceland! I had to take some time to digest all of the beautiful things we saw, not to mention go through the thousands of pictures I took along the way. Iceland came on our radar a few years ago after a trip Christine took when I first started at ONA. Ever since then it seems like every photographer and famous Instagrammer has been, and it quickly became a top destination we wanted to visit. We talked about it several times over the years, but the best opportunity arose after we found out we were pregnant and moved back to Maryland. While usually the cheapest flights to places like this are out of JFK, WOW Air flies to Iceland with ridiculously inexpensive fares from Baltimore. It was finally our chance to go! We also figured a trip like this would be perfect for a babymoon since it'll likely be more difficult to go on this kind of adventure once a baby is added to the mix.

We were there for five days, and completely cherished the uninterrupted time together in such a beautiful country. I feel like there is still so much left to see, but here is a small glimpse into our first two days in Reykjavik and our visit to the Blue Lagoon. Some highlights from this part of the trip include the coffee (and atmosphere!) at Reykjavik Roasters, the unexpected sunshine and blue skies, and the hot dogs from Bæjarins and the Beer Garden in our hotel. Stay tuned for pictures from our drive around the Golden Circle next...
 photo IMG_5500_zpsijgq4hba.jpg  photo IMG_5544_zpsie35iwgr.jpg  photo IMG_5548_zpspbw1bfu4.jpg  photo IMG_5579_zpsrezqow15.jpg  photo IMG_5585_zpsfzgavg6n.jpg  photo IMG_5620_zpsxcgpccdi.jpg  photo IMG_5635_zpsnzwlcfms.jpg  photo IMG_5643_zpsrjjnijop.jpg  photo IMG_5670_zps0u5ecnop.jpg  photo IMG_5678_zpsnuowh2id.jpg  photo IMG_5681_zpsjcpcvsxg.jpg  photo IMG_5689_zpsrrvmdzsh.jpg  photo IMG_5703_zpsi2ktt5ev.jpg

Iceland on video.

27 Weeks.

Last night Aaron and I drove out to the more rural parts of Montgomery County to get a few pictures of my growing belly in that golden hour light. I bought this dress early in pregnancy with these images in mind and I realized yesterday we needed to do them now or never if I wanted to wear this dress. It turns out, you quickly grow out of your non-maternity clothes once the second trimester hits!
 photo IMG_6341_zpsnbxl3qbg.jpg  photo IMG_6350_zpse3bouj0u.jpg  photo IMG_6373_zpseo3lkklp.jpg  photo IMG_6392_zpsgcew2gvi.jpg  photo IMG_6410_zpsjtg8azns.jpg  photo IMG_6426_zpsgr0lwerd.jpg  photo IMG_6470_zpswatazvbd.jpg  photo IMG_6475_zpssleny9pz.jpg  photo IMG_6479_zpsf1udpxww.jpg