Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Decking the halls!

Sure, I could be posting about the recent trip we took to Arizona or the full week of Miami sunshine but I'm back in New York and the only thing on my mind is CHRISTMAS! Our tiny home now has the presence of a glorious tree and I know I'll be enjoying it from now until mid-January (hey, we got a late start!)

Although getting our tree could be the highlight of my week, this night in general was just one of my all time favorites. It felt like it was our first time doing any of this - new and exciting! Maybe it was that we hadn't really seen each other in a week, or that everything surrounding Christmas just feels a bit magical, but it's a night I soon won't forget.
 photo IMG_9393_zps135f65fc.jpg  photo IMG_9395_zps85a7069a.jpg  photo IMG_9391_zps2b01e4a4.jpg  photo IMG_9397_zps1fd3f2cf.jpg  photo IMG_9399_zpsfdb4b2bd.jpg  photo IMG_9407_zps1217677a.jpg  photo IMG_9411_zps0c94e9fe.jpg  photo IMG_9413_zpse9d42467.jpg  photo IMG_9419_zps316c243f.jpg  photo IMG_9423_zps14cbd402.jpg  photo IMG_9426_zpsc504fc41.jpg  photo IMG_9427_zpsc1fc48b4.jpg  photo IMG_9431_zps1351a67d.jpg  photo IMG_9435_zps95511c4b.jpg
See our tree decorating from last year here. 

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