Sunday, December 15, 2013

Arizona Part I: Sedona

The first part of our trip to Arizona was spent in Phoenix photographing my dear friend's wedding, but there will be more to come on that wonderful topic on my photography blog soon. To sum up the highlights of Phoenix - meeting Sarah (Pete's wife!), seeing Pete get married, and getting to pet a pug for the first time!

After the wedding, Pete graciously let us drive his swanky SUV to the Grand Canyon and back. On the way, we made sure to stop in the red rocks of Sedona and really enjoyed everything about this area. It was one of those places where your face is glued to the window and you keep asking if you can pull over and just take one more picture. Take a look! photo IMG_9048_zps0ff07c03.jpg  photo IMG_9053_zps6ae4e6c7.jpg  photo IMG_9056_zpsb0f06e6e.jpg  photo IMG_9063_zps6d045a6f.jpg  photo IMG_9067_zps04b37a14.jpg photo IMG_9070_zpsdb715309.jpg  photo IMG_9075_zps172f71d3.jpg  photo IMG_9080_zps2f040ca9.jpg  photo IMG_9084_zps837fab73.jpg  photo IMG_9097_zpsdd380e72.jpg  photo IMG_9101_zps963e5527.jpg  photo IMG_9102_zps8688c1cb.jpg  photo IMG_9108_zps263c02e1.jpg  photo IMG_9107_zpsdef668cb.jpg  photo IMG_9112_zpsabba7f8e.jpg  photo IMG_9118_zps4423bb82.jpg  photo IMG_9120_zpsde2714bc.jpg  photo IMG_9123_zps41a4fba4.jpg  photo IMG_9124_zps17eb9fee.jpg  photo IMG_9125_zps16d9e15a.jpg  photo IMG_9146_zps7b143144.jpg
Up next, the Grand Canyon (of which we didn't see)...

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