Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our Christmas Tree!

I think I probably say it every year but this never fails to be one of my favorite nights. Something about getting a tree up six flights of stairs, uncovering all of our favorite ornaments again, and drinking gin and tonics while we listen to Christmas music is just the best. Traditions are so important to me and this is one I cherish every year. It feels like our little tree completes our apartment; not to mention smelling like the best parts of the season. I have all of the feelings over here! Soaking in each and every good thing about this time of year.
 photo IMG_3713_zpsowkhl8uk.jpg  photo IMG_3720_zpsj1a3uux8.jpg  photo IMG_3727_zpsavrbw6fs.jpg  photo IMG_3740_zpsmmyt7hnu.jpg  photo IMG_3745_zpsyxzj6bp8.jpg  photo IMG_3780_zpspme20uk4.jpg  photo IMG_3788_zpsbuqpbrev.jpg  photo IMG_3793_zpse441ztt4.jpg  photo IMG_3807_zps2bpkgpks.jpg  photo IMG_3828_zpsptwrsr8h.jpg  photo IMG_3831_zpsjs8f4obc.jpg
See our trees from years past here, here, and here

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