Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Card Photo Shoot 2013.

There's nothing like a Christmas card photo-shoot on a crisp New York day to make you feel like holidays are coming! Ever since photography became a "thing" for me, I was naturally recruited to take my sister and her husband's yearly Christmas card picture. Of course, once Aaron was added into the mix I wanted pictures, too. Thankfully we have Sam! He's been able to gather enough from my poor instruction to compose a shot and get a clear picture of the two of us. He took so many good ones I had a hard time choosing. Thanks, Sam!

See our 2012 and 2011 pictures' here. I can't wait to keep and compare the pictures we take every year to see us grow and age. For more of Jess and Sam click here, here, and here.
 photo IMG_7044_zps2fc5c82b.jpg  photo IMG_7082_zps702549aa.jpg  photo IMG_7088_zpsa43129ba.jpg  photo IMG_7128_zps32ef92ad.jpg  photo IMG_7136-2_zps1a9e5edc.jpg  photo IMG_7139_zps1edfcf67.jpg  photo IMG_7145_zpse1b3ec76.jpg  photo IMG_7243_zps41aa1112.jpg  photo IMG_7251_zps1ed49d59.jpg  photo IMG_7265_zpsc7f0496a.jpg  photo IMG_7301-2_zpsa3f40aca.jpg  photo IMG_7305_zps80fde536.jpg  photo IMG_7373_zps7c1c665f.jpg  photo IMG_7386_zps73a5ad27.jpg
PS. Our "official" Christmas picture is not posted here ;) You'll have to wait and see what we chose!