Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pink on pink on pink!

On Sunday we got to officially celebrate the littlest (soon-to-be) member of our family! I was happy to see my vision for the shower come to fruition (with lots of help from my mom + others), and to see the CROWDS of women come out to celebrate my sister. I've truly never seen so many people in my parents house at once. We crammed in, ate some donuts (!), ooh-ed and ahh-ed over every tiny piece of clothing, and blinded ourselves with so much pink and gold. It was glorious!

Here's to hoping it's really a girl!
 photo IMG_6991_zps636d4ede.jpg  photo IMG_6992_zps497eea46.jpg  photo IMG_6994_zps58c4e195.jpg  photo IMG_6997_zps7af4f046.jpg  photo IMG_6999_zps38d101ea.jpg  photo IMG_7001_zps3750678a.jpg  photo IMG_7002_zps10934baf.jpg  photo IMG_7006_zps437f4a5f.jpg  photo IMG_7010_zpsb9093c25.jpg  photo IMG_7011_zps13462e91.jpg  photo IMG_7023_zps3fc0d6d2.jpg  photo IMG_7026_zps00a456fb.jpg  photo IMG_7028_zps624b647f.jpg  photo IMG_7030_zpse09d3289.jpg  photo IMG_7034_zps7543c331.jpg  photo IMG_7037_zps120d534d.jpg

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