Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The time I walked a red carpet.

I have yet to go in depth about my job on this blog and this post feels like the perfect time. I am the Sales and Customer Care Manager for ONA, a procurer of premium camera bags and accessories geared toward style-conscious photographers. I was a customer first after discovering the brand on a blog I follow, and I received my first bag this Christmas. The details here are kind of blur, but once we found out we were moving to New York, I tweeted at ONA about job openings. I don’t remember why ONA was the first company to pop into my brain, but I reached out via Twitter just to ask. Much to my surprise, I got a direct message back mentioning that they had just opening a new position and the job description perfectly matched my experience. Miracle. After applying, interviewing, moving, and interviewing again, I landed the job within 5 days of living in New York. Totally unexpected! I was anticipating several month of joblessness.

After two months of working with this amazing company, I was sent to sunny LA for a Leica store opening. During my trip I visited with prospective retail partners, walked a red carpet, and took a picture with Seal. All of the ingredients to make for a memorable first work trip! 
 photo photo-22_zpsd59c6eb6.jpg  photo photo-36_zpsd0d8ee42.jpg  photo 2_zps68cef860.jpg  photo photo-20_zpsb974efbc.jpg  photo 5_zps864966c8.jpg  photo photo-34_zps1c376ccc.jpg  photo 4_zpse4f4e5b0.jpg  photo photo-28_zpsb2254d7d.jpg

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time and that you work for such a cool company! Red carpet, LA, Seal, Leica, Ona bags - sounds like a personal keyword list that couldn't fail to get me interested in this post. I'm saving hard to get a Camps Bay bag as there just isn't anything like it in the UK. Hope you have many more glamorous work trips!