Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Best of Christmas.

I took so many different pictures during December and never got around to blogging so I figured I'd dump them all into one Christmas post! We were absolutely spoiled with such a fun holiday season, and it was even more special with Hazel in tow. We love having her as a part of our family, and even the hectic moments are absolutely worth it to have her along. It was such a joy to get to share her with family we love so much and to slow down and soak up all the precious moments of her very first Christmas.
 photo IMG_9724_zps55jcdpuf.jpg  photo IMG_9765_zpsc2hlhgb4.jpg  photo IMG_9771_zpseadlazoo.jpg  photo IMG_9787_zpswvleldxn.jpg  photo IMG_9815_zpsi0lxy9ka.jpg  photo IMG_9822_zpsdgwc9hzr.jpg  photo IMG_9881_zpst9l58apz.jpg  photo IMG_0341_zps8w7raycw.jpg  photo IMG_0377_zps4ydgebe9.jpg  photo IMG_0389_zpsqjalbr4t.jpg  photo IMG_0414_zpsys1whsgl.jpg  photo IMG_0426_zpsyf7vgndj.jpg  photo IMG_0454_zpsot7svola.jpg  photo IMG_0488_zpsf40s4ohg.jpg  photo IMG_0512_zpseigehpfj.jpg

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