Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Perfect Saturday.

After 4 long weeks of finishing his job in New York while commuting back to Maryland on the weekends, Aaron finally came home for good last Thursday! We joked that it felt like being newlyweds all over again and we were basically attached at the hip all weekend (although this isn't too unusual for us). We woke up to a breezy spring day, so we set out to the farmers market in our neighborhood for a few Saturday morning treats. We picked up scones, pickles, and a fresh cup of pour over coffee before heading out to visit George Washington's property at Mt. Vernon. We had a full picnic packed for lunch and were surprised to find that admission was $20 and you couldn't bring food on the property. Instead, we found a quaint spot along the Potomac and enjoyed our picnic and a nap beside the river. Of course I documented the day, so enjoy below!  photo IMG_4496_zpsg6vfyemc.jpg  photo IMG_4525_zpsdp3nexum.jpg  photo IMG_4538_zpsftatojhd.jpg  photo IMG_4544_zpsxm6rdool.jpg  photo IMG_4545_zpsizjnhtqp.jpg  photo IMG_4547_zpslt2moyta.jpg  photo IMG_4549_zpsbgtkqmwb.jpg  photo IMG_4559_zpspciozhgs.jpg  photo IMG_4570_zpsfi5yxm3l.jpg

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