Friday, April 8, 2016

I recently developed a roll of film that was split down the middle with some of our last months in New York and some of our newest memories in Maryland. While in the city this week I had to pop by our old apartment building and it was so strange to be back in our neighborhood where nothing had changed and life was continuing on as normal. It made me smile when I picked up this film and got the sweet surprise of reliving some of those last memories we shared in the city - especially after a nostalgic visit this week. The pictures aren't anything special but I loved this warm December day where we walked through the park so I could meet Christine for tea, and I'm happy to have captured so many wonderful snippets of our life in the city to look back on.  photo Asset0006_zps3j1vfiqx.jpg  photo Asset0007_zpsewoqnhvk.jpg  photo Asset0008_zps6k6kkhut.jpg  photo Asset0010_zpsuvtgto8q.jpg  photo Asset0012_zpsdnh9b6ii.jpg  photo Asset0013_zpsrkc0xae4.jpg  photo Asset0014_zpsyzio3mby.jpg  photo Asset0015_zpspvt2ufvj.jpg\

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