Saturday, July 12, 2014


Gosh, this place was beautiful. I can't describe the feeling of seeing mountains this big for the first time. I may have said this a million times on our trip but I cannot believe real people get to live in places like this! I think my face may have been glued to the window the entirety of the drive, and I definitely made Aaron pull off the road for pictures every few miles. Despite the dreary weather, we were able to take a gorgeous gondola ride up Neiderhorn and hike all the way back down one of the days. We also spent some time in Bern, and ate enough Swiss chocolate for a lifetime! All in all it was wonderful, although I'm hoping our next trip back will be a bit sunnier so we can see some more of those gorgeous peaks.
 photo IMG_0886_zps1a0813ea.jpg  photo IMG_0905_zpsba459d4a.jpg  photo IMG_0908_zpsd4d0984b.jpg  photo IMG_0912_zps52fe0c67.jpg  photo IMG_0917_zps0d794656.jpg  photo IMG_0978_zps03523145.jpg  photo IMG_0992_zpsb73eae7d.jpg  photo IMG_1001_zpsb1199259.jpg  photo IMG_1009_zps32fbd6d9.jpg  photo IMG_1024_zpsf424301b.jpg  photo IMG_1066_zpse34503e1.jpg  photo IMG_1082_zps538e9aca.jpg  photo IMG_1090_zps92e317bd.jpg  photo IMG_1097_zps65344ac7.jpg  photo IMG_1099_zpscef861a7.jpg  photo IMG_1101_zpsa045964c.jpg  photo IMG_1104_zpsae560180.jpg  photo IMG_1111_zpsa96a0af1.jpg

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