Friday, October 31, 2014

Cologne, Germany.

I spent a week in Cologne this September, and although work travel is not as glamorous as it sounds it was a great excuse to explore a city I would have likely never visited on my own. One of the days when we had a quick break from the trade show, Tracy and I paid a visit to the Cologne Cathedral and adjacent city square. It's always so awe-inspiring to visit a place with so much history, and even more so to see a building that not only has withheld the test of time, but also war.
 photo IMG_2294_zps7b09499f.jpg  photo IMG_2310_zpsbc5c1387.jpg  photo IMG_2311_zps8ac56e7d.jpg  photo IMG_2291_zps817490ef.jpg  photo IMG_2343_zps98a5d730.jpg  photo IMG_2357_zpsf777177a.jpg  photo IMG_2367_zps0270bb9a.jpg  photo IMG_2369_zps50f465ea.jpg
 photo IMG_2287_zpseb26d10f.jpg
And last but not least, enjoy our smiling little faces :)

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