Friday, November 7, 2014

Montreal, Canada.

If you've got the itch for Europe but not quite enough time or money to make the trip, Montreal is a great alternative! Aaron and I made a last minute decision on a Thursday to leave the next night and head towards Montreal. It's a 6 hour drive from NYC and when you're on the road as much as we are you kind of forget how that's kind of far drive for a weekend. I was like, "Oh, only 6 hours? So easy!" Let's just say I wasn't singing the same tune when we arrived at 2:30AM. Regardless, we had such a fun weekend away and enjoyed exploring a new city together. Our favorite parts were walking around to see the colorful homes and trying some of the recommended restaurants and micro breweries. Neither of us were able to muster up the courage to try poutine, though. Maybe next time! Thanks for the great first visit, Canada!
 photo IMG_2573_zpse3c08bf7.jpg  photo IMG_2575_zpsee41496f.jpg  photo IMG_2590_zps91106072.jpg  photo IMG_2625_zps4d93794b.jpg  photo IMG_2628_zps73a622ac.jpg  photo IMG_2643_zpscad6d4c6.jpg  photo IMG_2648_zps21a440d2.jpg  photo IMG_2655_zps37085457.jpg  photo IMG_2660_zpsc458be66.jpg  photo IMG_2661_zps62e5642c.jpg  photo IMG_2665_zps7b632d89.jpg  photo IMG_2699_zpsca6f2bed.jpg  photo IMG_2704_zpsf0e2066d.jpg  photo IMG_2722_zpsc73c7241.jpg  photo IMG_2729_zpsd7cceae0.jpg  photo IMG_2733_zpsbcbf4be0.jpg  photo IMG_2735_zps74f33c36.jpg  photo IMG_2763_zps709a8ddc.jpg  photo IMG_2774_zps0fff6b7a.jpg  photo IMG_2795_zpse715b969.jpg  photo IMG_2796_zpsd0ed2daa.jpg

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  1. Looks like so much leafy goodness! <3