Friday, November 21, 2014

Jean-Talon Market

On the Sunday morning of our trip to Montreal, we planned to make a quick stop at their famous outdoor market. What we thought would be a quick trip, turned into a full-fledged photo session as I could not get over how beautiful the produce was. Perhaps it was the natural light and gorgeous fall day, but I have never been so mesmerized by fruits and vegetables. Special thanks to Aaron for his immense patience during all of those moments when I suddenly need to document EVERYTHING.
 photo IMG_2806_zps9b9671e6.jpg  photo IMG_2817_zpsafeec180.jpg  photo IMG_2820_zpsdc4262a3.jpg  photo IMG_2822_zps8881547d.jpg  photo IMG_2823_zps3cbf7c0b.jpg  photo IMG_2827_zpsd1ef1890.jpg  photo IMG_2840_zps8ded94c3.jpg  photo IMG_2843_zps8a77804b.jpg  photo IMG_2852_zpsd2969178.jpg  photo IMG_2855_zps7137fcc7.jpg  photo IMG_2860_zps4eeb06fd.jpg  photo IMG_2868_zps0dba6d67.jpg

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