Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Doug the Pug! Capitol Hill! Graduation!

This weekend started off just as you'd expect…with a Central Park meet up for Doug the Pug!! Christine and I made a beeline for the park once work ended on Friday and were first in line to get a picture with the Insta-famous dog. From there, I biked down the Hudson River greenway to meet Aaron for an overdue NYC date night. We tried a new-to-us restaurant called The Fat Radish, and neither the cocktails or the food were a disappointment - I highly recommend!
 photo IMG_5855_zpsntljxuxr.jpg  photo IMG_5863_zpsqkqnslqw.jpg  photo IMG_5885_zpsndvz69as.jpg  photo IMG_5888_zpstexyitrd.jpg On Saturday morning, Aaron and I took off for another weekend in the burbs to celebrate his brother's high school graduation and party. We also made time to visit our old hood in DC and dreamt about the day when we'd get to live there again.
 photo IMG_5926_zpsdx156a5r.jpg  photo IMG_5931_zpsng9y9cdp.jpg  photo IMG_5941_zps7uuv2p8q.jpg  photo IMG_5945_zpst7nqg5w8.jpg
To round out Sunday, we made a pit stop to see my sister's new house and watched Betsy play in the sprinkler. Probably the cutest thing of life.  photo IMG_5958_zpsf71t65fc.jpg  photo IMG_6033_zps94mdotgb.jpg  photo IMG_6047_zpscxyuzrif.jpg
We extended the weekend into Monday for the graduation ceremony and had such a nice time celebrating with Aaron's family. I feel so fortunate to have such wonderful in-laws.
 photo IMG_6098_zpsxqowpzvh.jpg Next up, we're headed to Santa Barbara, CA to celebrate my 27th birthday…stay tuned or follow along via Instagram!

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  1. Hahhaa all of the fancy photos from Doug the Pug. Such a fun adventure!