Monday, June 15, 2015

Palm Springs, California.

The second half of our trip was set for the Ojai Valley where we had grand plans to hike, lay by the pool, and witness "the pink moment" at sunset. We arrived at our adorable inn only to find that the pool was closed due to permit issues. Womp womp! Thankfully, they were kind enough to let us cancel. We made a game time decision and opted into driving a quick three hours to a place we've been and loved in Palm Springs. The drive was gorgeous and Palm Springs didn't disappoint! We also made a detour on the way to stop at the house from the Father of the Bride movies - it looked just like the movie and made me so happy to see in real life.
 photo IMG_6434_zpscu51jknz.jpg  photo IMG_6439_zps4iscd03s.jpg  photo IMG_6450_zpsi8vr0g8k.jpg  photo IMG_6464_zpsgaljkvqz.jpg  photo IMG_6497_zpsnsbgbdja.jpg  photo IMG_6502_zpsjybnhp1a.jpg  photo IMG_6513_zpsr6i9je3b.jpg  photo IMG_6532_zps0wxg3paf.jpg  photo IMG_6551_zpsjrpmbgmo.jpg  photo IMG_6573_zps501ceill.jpg  photo IMG_6601_zpscbbguwrj.jpg  photo IMG_6604_zpscbq2b4m7.jpg  photo IMG_6611_zpsqyrdbcqf.jpg  photo IMG_6617_zpsuzmfrs0y.jpg  photo IMG_6620_zpskmodnc2x.jpg  photo IMG_6625_zpsm0g0udyn.jpg  photo IMG_6639_zps9kpm0raj.jpg

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