Friday, June 12, 2015

Santa Barbara, California.

I think we may have started a new tradition this year - celebrate your birthday on vacation! We went to Turks and Caicos for Aaron's 30th and spent this past weekend (plus some days) in Southern California for mine. Our first stop was Santa Barbara, and here's a bit of the goodness we experienced while there. I can't get this adorable seaside town out of my head!
 photo IMG_6119_zpsdgbacvy9.jpg  photo IMG_6122_zpsidutoisk.jpg  photo IMG_6125_zpssltwzo7k.jpg  photo IMG_6139_zpstamsjafs.jpg  photo IMG_6146_zpscqxg8urm.jpg  photo IMG_6184_zpswdv1sgz9.jpg  photo IMG_6188_zpsajolnzdr.jpg  photo IMG_6208_zpsovrbsjsc.jpg  photo IMG_6212_zps1f2hrnjv.jpg  photo IMG_6227_zpsnczuagfv.jpg  photo IMG_6229_zpsz4zinnfz.jpg  photo IMG_6233_zpsyq4ts5l9.jpg  photo IMG_6271_zpsub9rk1bw.jpg  photo IMG_6288_zpsepi1gj1p.jpg  photo IMG_6290_zpsydjruigw.jpg  photo IMG_6294_zpszq3jxz1z.jpg  photo IMG_6307_zpsbhchdhdi.jpg  photo IMG_6337_zpsalchokmc.jpg  photo IMG_6346_zpsfy6gmuqn.jpg  photo IMG_6375_zpsf4hut28x.jpg  photo IMG_6386_zps4jw11jvo.jpg  photo IMG_6392_zpskszpvth4.jpg  photo IMG_6414_zpstlt0izbm.jpg

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