Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bucks County, PA.

When your friend asks if you want to go on a girls weekend to Bucks County, you don't say no! We had a full weekend itinerary prepared by the county's tourism board - think covered bridges, wine tasting, quaint country towns, and several delicious meals! Not a single thing about the weekend disappointed, and I'm still thinking about my key lime pie dessert from Friday and the adorable sheep at our bed and breakfast.

Since Christine is infinitely more eloquent than I, you should read her blog post about our adventures here. I was the unofficial photographer of the trip, so without further ado…
 photo IMG_5302_zpswhxbgubc.jpg  photo IMG_5303_zpsuwqg2cfp.jpg  photo IMG_5330_zpsic54jxg5.jpg  photo IMG_5340_zpskrsaw05j.jpg  photo IMG_5372_zpsk5b21bch.jpg  photo IMG_5379_zps4plqpjay.jpg  photo IMG_5394_zpsoqkuzkgz.jpg  photo IMG_5403_zpsj6z0blum.jpg  photo IMG_5415_zpst4snhihv.jpg  photo IMG_5450_zps4ysgrnt8.jpg  photo IMG_5458_zpsdpq5xzhd.jpg  photo IMG_5463_zps7cfwkirs.jpg  photo IMG_5494_zps043gch5i.jpg  photo IMG_5486_zps8zqpscot.jpg  photo IMG_5548_zpsiry4h12n.jpg  photo IMG_5563_zpsqdtdliqn.jpg  photo IMG_5567_zpsngxj3ojn.jpg  photo IMG_5579_zpscklr58ca.jpg  photo IMG_5585_zps6mbdmaji.jpg  photo IMG_5600_zpsxxx5c8ps.jpg  photo IMG_5654_zps4v4ibxbg.jpg  photo IMG_5658_zpsyiiw84gu.jpg  photo IMG_5680_zpsgjfhrbvq.jpg
Thanks so much for inviting me, Christine!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos, Jillian! So glad you visited with Christine. Thanks for visiting Bucks County! :) -Jessica, Visit Bucks County

  2. SO MANY GOOD PHOTOS!!!!! And such fun!!!