Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Week at Home.

After a week at home enjoying all that is suburbia, I'm grateful to be back in the NYC grind and taking full advantage of the remaining weeks of summer. We have a full calendar this month with baseball games, visitors, a comedy club date night, and all the rooftop drinks we can get our hands on. Before I delve into soaking up (and likely documenting) all of the fun things to come, I wanted to share a glimpse at the sunshine-filled week I spent in Maryland. There is so much nostalgia surrounding summertime in my hometown and I tried my best to take it all in before heading back to New York.  photo IMG_7212_zpsrhn68kgc.jpg  photo IMG_7226_zpsibfo38og.jpg  photo IMG_7235_zpsolxhxsoz.jpg  photo IMG_7250_zpsbxrhcvji.jpg  photo IMG_7264_zps4x4yfdtd.jpg  photo IMG_7265_zpsgcggf6oz.jpg  photo IMG_7278_zpsibubihjs.jpg  photo IMG_7285_zpsliwdosci.jpg

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