Monday, May 22, 2017

3rd Annual Girl's Weekend!

Christine and I met when I started at ONA just over four years ago, and our co-worker turned non-work friendship has been one of the best things to come out of my job. We instantly bonded over our love of Instagram, flowers, and New York City, and have maintained our friendship even from afar. The year of our weekly coffee dates, we upped the ante in our friendship and went on a weekend trip to Buck's County, Pennsylvania. After that trip, we decided to make our spring getaways an annual event. We went to Portland, Maine last May, and this year headed to Philadelphia!

When we started planning, we knew the primary goal of the weekend was to SEE ALL THE FLOWERS. Little did we know, Philadelphia is known as the "Garden Capital of America." Cue the overwhelming excitement! Of course, like every other east coast girl in her 20's, we had high hopes of a photo-worthy brunch at Terrain, Anthropologie's garden shop and cafe. Needless to say, NONE OF IT DISAPPOINTED! Terrain was everything. Longwood Gardens was heaven on earth. Our stay at the Sofitel was comfortable and convenient. We had a wonderful dinner at Cinder, and both thoroughly enjoyed the raspberry sour beer and pizza. We got to spend plenty of time catching up about all the things (Marriage! Babies! Moving! Jobs!) and it was such a fun weekend exploring and laughing together. I'm already looking forward to see where we end up next year! To read Christine's take on it, you can see her blog post here.  photo IMG_2414_zpspf0bt2sj.jpg  photo IMG_2424_zpstkqnfskm.jpg  photo IMG_2476_zpseteojbt2.jpg  photo IMG_2481_zps0xp9lgki.jpg  photo IMG_2484_zpsze8dntot.jpg  photo IMG_2499_zpsxhbey4in.jpg  photo IMG_2514_zpsgywyeysa.jpg  photo IMG_2530_zpsxq6esyoo.jpg  photo IMG_2572_zpszla2asxu.jpg  photo IMG_2605_zpscbn7vpgg.jpg  photo IMG_2626_zpsztotthqn.jpg  photo IMG_2665_zps3dxkss2s.jpg  photo IMG_2693_zpsmdc5uuqx.jpg  photo IMG_2685_zpsuqhuh0ro.jpg  photo IMG_2706_zpswbxilmss.jpg  photo IMG_2733_zpsyjq4lvej.jpg  photo IMG_2741_zpsknp5zi7m.jpg  photo IMG_2758_zpsgb96orcm.jpg  photo IMG_2802_zpsguflnix1.jpg  photo IMG_2779_zpshzuxq4vd.jpg

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