Friday, April 21, 2017

7 months of Hazel.

Something about Hazel turning 7 months makes me feel all the things! I hung onto calling her 6 months old until the very last day, because turning the corner on the halfway mark makes it seem like she's basically already one!! Although, even if I do feel all the mom-emotions about it, I have to say this is shaping up to be my favorite age so far. In weird moments that only a mother could love, earlier this week she was constipated and she was so cuddly and needy of me. She wanted to be held until things (ahem, poop) ended up happening, and I didn't mind one bit!

Development/Milestones: She's been confidently sitting up all month and seems really interested in reaching for things. We're wondering if she'll be on the move with crawling / scooting soon, although it seems a few weeks away. She's very social and alert, and she recently learned how to clap on command. Her hand eye coordination is also super impressive - she doesn't miss an opportunity to pick up things nearby!

Eating: She's getting much better at eating her solids, although she still doesn't seem to love the veggies. We're working on it! Her favorite foods seem to be pears and oatmeal with mixed fruit. 

Sleeping: Still sleeping like a champ! I can't say it enough, we're SO grateful.

Likes and Demeanor: Her favorite thing right now is a little yellow ball that she loves to shake and teethe on. She also seems to really love Aaron and I right now - she's always SO happy to see us and it makes our hearts melt on the regular. As far as demeanor, she's all around a very content and happy baby. She really only fusses toward the end of the day when she's tired, and now that we know her well enough we're able to avoid it most days.
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