Tuesday, May 23, 2017

8 months of Hazel.

I know I say this every month, but time is flying and there is no turning back! Every day it feels like we're fast approaching the one year mark, and I don't like it one bit! It's so surreal to think back on this time last year when I was in the throws of pregnancy and things were really start to ramp up with our preparation. Now we're here enjoying our sweet girl and soaking in all of the goodness of her babyhood.

Development/Milestones: This month she started scooting backwards and is definitely on the brink of crawling. We took her to Charleston to celebrate my first Mother's Day weekend which marked her third time flying. She's a bit more active so the whole experience is much more hands-on, but overall she was just as easy going as usual. She also started making new sounds while babbling including "bababa" and "yayaya". It also sounds like she says "hiya" sometimes, too!

Eating: She eats a combination of breast milk, formula, and baby food throughout the day. In terms of her preferences with food, she started out liking fruit (aka the sweeter options) but has since really started enjoying the savory flavors. I had to laugh when I fed her a combination of turkey, cranberries, and whole grains - basically Thanksgiving meal in a jar!

Sleeping: She's had a little bit of a regression this month (as expected per Google) and will wake up a few times if she's lost her pacifier. Aaron, being the kind man that he is, always jumps out of bed to get it for her so I can keep sleeping. Thankfully, she's not getting up to nurse and is just in need of the paci to help her fall back asleep.

Likes and Demeanor: She is still just such a sweet and content little babe! She gets incredibly quiet and observant on walks and is the chattiest around Aaron and I. She loves touching peoples faces and grabbing every single thing within her reach. It's so much fun seeing her explore the world around her.
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