Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mother's Day in Charleston, SC.

Our JetBlue points came through for us again when we were able to book a long weekend in Charleston for Mother's Day. I am a firm believer in experiences over things (although, I do like a new thing now and then...) and this was the perfect way to celebrate my first Mother's Day. Neither of us had spent any significant time in Charleston and the South felt like it was calling our names. As soon as we landed on Friday evening we drove straight to Lewis Barbecue and had hands down the best brisket of our lives. We also really enjoyed the idyllic yet laid back atmosphere and would highly recommend popping in here for a hearty meal! We woke up the next day to a bit of rain, but made our way out to find some coffee and breakfast at Black Tap. I had heard great things, and now have them to thank for introducing me to the deliciousness that is a lavender latte. We spent the majority of the day walking the streets and admiring all of the beautiful homes in the historic district. We had Hazel facing outward in the Ergo carrier and she was quite popular amongst all the sweet southern folk! I mean, I think she's the cutest baby around but we've never had so many people stop to fawn over her. For lunch we were lucky enough to get a table at the famed restaurant Husk, and enjoyed a cocktail on their porch while we waited for our table. While the food was quite good, we both felt it had been over-hyped and ended up having even better meals during the course of our trip. After a long day of exploring, we ended it with Jeni's Ice Cream and a pizza from Monza to take back to the hotel with us.

We woke up early on Mother's Day (thanks, Hazel!) and headed out to Hominy Grill to meet my friend Sarah and her husband Cam. It was so lovely to catch up with them and to talk all things baby since they're expecting their first any day now! After our brunch, we drove out to Sullivan's Island and detoured through the beautiful Mount Pleasant neighborhood to do some casual house-ogling. Once out on Sullivan's Island, we took a walk on the beach and popped into The Obstinate Daughter for a snack and a cocktail - highly recommend! Later on, we headed back into Charleston and finished the day with an amazing dinner at The Ordinary - a restaurant we'd go back to again and again.

We had a few hours to kill on Monday before our flight so we picked up breakfast at The Daily and took a quick drive to Angel Oak, a 400 year old tree! On our way back through town, we stopped for a walk along the water and had a delicious lunch at Xiao Bao Biscuit. By now you're probably thinking about how much food we ate during this trip, and it's seriously true. Charleston is such a foodie destination and we enjoyed every minute of it! See below for some of our trip...
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