Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Hamptons. Part 2.

Here's a bit more of our adventure in the Hamptons taken with my film camera. I still can't get over the blue sky and wispy clouds. It was so nice to be out of the city for the day and get to play on a beach with so few people. Of course, we left wondering how do we make buying a Hampton beach house happen? ;)  photo Photo01_1_zpsa3e7f5ae.jpg  photo Photo02_2_zps2270a7b4.jpg  photo Photo03_3_zps98cf9d01.jpg  photo Photo08_8_zps535eb005.jpg  photo Photo04_4_zpsbe786d52.jpg  photo Photo11_11_zpsdf165305.jpg  photo Photo10_10_zps193dbb8f.jpg  photo Photo12_12_zps4d1b3d68.jpg  photo Photo13_13_zps8ccf9a51.jpg  photo Photo14_14_zps4fe2aee2.jpg  photo Photo06_6_zps4afc2d0d.jpg  photo Photo15_15_zps4164ac57.jpg  photo Photo16_16_zps0c0c3af0.jpg  photo Photo18_18_zps6d6fed9f.jpg  photo Photo22_22_zpsc1b477fe.jpg

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