Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I love you, Central Park.

Central Park continually proves to be my favorite part of New York. At the risk of sound uber-cheesy, it actually feels magical to me. We live a block and half from the park and find ourselves there almost daily. We walk and walk and walk and find new places that we haven't seen the day before. We take one different turn and end up in a new part. There's a turtle pond, willow trees, and grass for days. If you go up far enough you'll find a pool which nobody ever tells you about, and there are huge rocks to climb around every bend. I love that you can find refuge from all the buildings, and yet if you go to just the right place you can get a drop-your-jaw view of those buildings you've escaped. I constantly marvel at the fact that Central Park is something that's just in our lives now. I think about all the times I've walked its paths as a tourist and never could have fathomed taking nightly walks there with my husband. It's just so MAGICAL, I don't know how else to say it. I spent the morning there last Wednesday before work and was so romanced. There were dog walkers, and businessmen, people on their morning runs. It was inspiring and just so beautiful. When I think about us moving away someday there are certainly restaurants and other spots I'll dearly miss, but the park just two blocks from my home has my whole New York heart.
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