Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A day in the Hamptons.

Gosh that place is beautiful. We went on a perfectly crisp day and enjoyed a day of beach walking, house admiring, and ice cream eating. We also took some pictures with my film camera and I'm excited to see the result. Although, half way through the roll I realized Aaron hadn't been adjusting any of the settings other than focus :) The results may be special. Everyone go to the Hamptons now! photo IMG_9373_zpsc7f10336.jpg  photo IMG_9377_zps3d77ad5c.jpg  photo IMG_9382_zpsc1f8ec6d.jpg  photo IMG_9386_zpsc056649a.jpg  photo IMG_9393_zpsb9966a98.jpg  photo IMG_9408_zpsc292c6c4.jpg  photo IMG_9415_zps59672edc.jpg  photo IMG_9422_zpsd004933f.jpg  photo IMG_9425_zpsbb479678.jpg  photo IMG_9437_zpsaa4410f8.jpg  photo IMG_9441_zpsce335de6.jpg  photo IMG_9447_zpsfc4e15d9.jpg  photo IMG_9452_zpsa71b61a5.jpg

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