Thursday, September 12, 2013

New York Fashion Week.

A week later and I'm still asking myself what in the world was I doing at Fashion Week?? This anticipated New York event has always been something I witnessed from afar in places like People Magazine or Us Weekly. Please know, my cool factor is still ridiculously low, but at the very least I can put a big check next to the "Attend Fashion Week" box on my New York to-do list.  I really didn't know what to expect from the whole "scene", but I quickly learned it's mostly a place style-bloggers and other semi-self obsessed people flock to get their picture taken. It's possible that I have no idea who these people are and they actually are famous -- but I get the feeling anyone can show up with a cool outfit and get photographed. It's weird. Anyway, my co-worker Christine and I participated in the events and sought out to find photographers wearing ONA. We also got to watch a live feed of the Rebecca Minkoff show, see Janelle Monae perform, and meet my all time favorite blogger Taza. It was a good day, and one I'll use someday to give my kids that illusion that I was cool once.   photo IMG_8906_zpsf7765c5f.jpg  photo IMG_8907_zpseeef5132.jpg  photo IMG_8914_zpse10afc81.jpg  photo IMG_8922_zpsdcc82cfe.jpg  photo IMG_8931_zps80220f5d.jpg
^this is me getting awkward when Huffington Post asked to take a picture of my hair. Check out my shifty, nervous feet.
 photo IMG_8994_zps2212f27b.jpg  photo IMG_9107_zps70f415ff.jpg  photo IMG_9318_zps65018719.jpg

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