Sunday, April 7, 2013

We moved!

You may have gathered already (but in case you hadn't) we moved to New York City on Friday! The day before Aaron and I packed up our home and moved every single thing out of it by ourselves. It felt good to do some physical labor, but my least favorite moment of the day was getting our box spring out of our basement apartment. Let's just say that those things don't have any give and neither do tiny brick staircases. Yikes. Once that task was finished, we said goodbye to our first little home and made our way to New York with my parents. Our new apartment is beautiful! It's small, yes, but the tall ceilings, big windows, and wood floors are an incredible upgrade from a carpeted basement. We worked my parents into the ground getting everything into place (thanks Mom and Dad!), and we're finding ourselves more and more settled every day. Here are a few pictures from our move. I think we're going to love it here!
 photo IMG_9999_zpsa08905da.jpg  photo IMG_0020_zpse2c8cab8.jpg  photo IMG_0035_zps3bf2fb52.jpg


  1. I've got some questions about your move...(looking for some advice since we're going to have to move to a new place between now and August). Did you buy a bunch of boxes and pack things up real professionally, or just good enough to make it to NY (since it's not too far). I'm just wondering how it went. I'm a little stressed to move on our own...I'm use to moving, but usually with more help and less stuff. We've started to accumulate a good amount of stuff for the home. Especially breakable kitchen items. Okay, I'm kind of rambling now. Any advice on a move that's about 20ish minutes away? Thanks! :)