Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One last date.

We biked down Pennsylvania Avenue, past the White House, and into the warmth of a favorite restaurant. We had one of our early dates here and thought it would be a perfect place to wrap up our time in DC. After brunch, our sights were set on seeing the Cherry Blossoms, although they haven't quite bloomed yet. It was the last time we'd get to ride our bikes for a while so we took our time and stopped for pictures often. We're both really going to miss this place!
 photo IMG_9933_zpsd5d4626d.jpg  photo IMG_9934_zpsa6ca4ce1.jpg  photo IMG_9937_zpsc024a619.jpg  photo IMG_9945_zpsf5fefffe.jpg  photo IMG_9954_zps52cad508.jpg  photo IMG_9957_zps46c57ed8.jpg  photo IMG_9961_zpsdf589df5.jpg  photo IMG_9967_zps02c76bdc.jpg  photo IMG_9979_zps594c8cca.jpg  photo IMG_9989_zpsf1517771.jpg


  1. I saw Taza tweeting with you so I thought I would check out the blog.

    Your blog is darling!
    DO keep up with it when you move!

    Check out mine?

    1. You're so sweet! Looking forward to checking out your blog, too. All the best!