Monday, April 1, 2013

Moving week.

Today is the first day of moving week. We said goodbye to our jobs on Friday and found ourselves waking up at 6:30AM today anyways. It felt a little strange to force our bodies back to sleep on a Monday. We have a week of packing and routine-free days before we leave on Friday. We're hoping to squeeze in a few last outings and lots of time with our loved ones before we go. We were feeling a little down this morning after hours of tax-filing (thanks, Aaron!) and packing up our things so we made our way to Sweet Green for an afternoon treat in lieu of the gym. Here's to moving week!  photo IMG_9902_zpsf144be89.jpg  photo IMG_9905_zps3825c8df.jpg  photo IMG_9908_zpscbee010a.jpg  photo IMG_9910_zps03b2e067.jpg  photo IMG_9914_zpsdaea1387.jpg  photo IMG_9915_zps24aa1e8b.jpg  photo IMG_9916_zps8e91fcce.jpg  photo IMG_9917_zps3b013b65.jpg  photo IMG_9919-1_zps1d14bf53.jpg

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